Advisory Board

The School of Drama Advisory Board (SODA) is a diverse group of individuals enthusiastic about the past, present and future of the School of Drama. Originally founded to assist with fundraising efforts, the board has grown beyond that to be an active and integral part of the School of Drama. Members of the SODA board serve as ambassadors for the School and actively promote, support, and engage the community in our work and mission. As members of the School of Drama family, the Board is involved in many aspects of the School, with behind-the-scenes access not enjoyed by the general public. Current members of the SODA Board are listed below. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SODA board, please contact Sam Read at or 206.221.6797.

Randy Everett, Chair

Adina Angle Joan Goldblatt Nadine Murray
Therese Barnette, Chair Emerita Linda Gould Monica Ramsey
Kimberly Brangwin Bob Jenkins Kerry Richards, Chair Emeritus
Martha Brockenbrough (on sabbatical) Ron Leamon Patti Rosendahl
Brad Edwards Mark Levine, Chair Emeritus Harvey Sadis
Joanne Euster Andrew McMasters Richard Sloniker
Kathy Page Feek, Chair Emerita Scott Mertel Howard Voorheis
Mark Gibson, Vice Chair Robert Monsen, D.D.S. Joan Voorheis
    Kyoko Matsumoto Wright