Auditioning and Applying for the PATP - 2014

What We Look For

Our program seeks naturally talented individuals who possess qualities that include: receptivity, transparency, inventiveness, expansiveness and coordination. We also seek those who have the curiosity, hunger, discipline and courage necessary to become actors who can make significant work. We expect our students to consistently strive to expand their skills and physiological conditioning while developing their own identity as creative individuals. We expect professionalism in our students' behavior and work ethic. We value, model and encourage collaboration, self-reliance, critical thinking and the creative imagination.

The application is in two parts, a private audition and the submission of other application materials.

The Audition

The audition consists of a private fifteen-minute audition and interview with the head of the PATP. We are holding private auditions in 2014 in Seattle on January 18 and in New York on January 29 (and are also attending the U/RTA auditions in New York and Chicago). We will contact you after you submit your application to the graduate school to schedule your audition.

You should prepare the following:
1. A two-minute monologue from a modern prose play.
2. A two-minute Shakespearean verse monologue.
3. Approximately 16 bars of a song, a cappella or with accompaniment provided by you. (We do not provide a CD player or piano.)

You should also be ready to detail your previous training.

Application Materials

Please mail the following to the School of Drama. Our mailing address is: Graduate Programs, School of Drama, University of Washington, Box 353950, Seattle WA 98195-3950.

  • $60 audition fee (check made payable to UW School of Drama)
  • Audition form for 2014 (PDF)
  • A headshot.
  • A current résumé
  • One set of unofficial transcripts.
  • A statement of purpose including educational and professional goals. This can be of whatever length you like.
  • Two letters of recommendation. Each recommendation should state whether the letter is or is not available for review by the applicant and forms for this purpose are available here (PDF). Letters may be included in your application or sent directly to the School by your recommender. You may still audition for the program without having both letters of recommendation.

Applicants for graduate study at the University of Washington apply to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Apply on-line at: . They charge an application fee which is separate from the audition fee.

Deadlines and audition dates

  • New York - we are attending the U/RTA finals, and holding private auditions on January 29, 2014. Some auditioners may be invited to attend a workshop in Seattle on February 28-March 1, 2014. Deadline is January 10 postmark. The morning of January 29 is currently full.
  • Seattle - postmark deadline of January 3. Auditions are January 18, 2014. We may have other weekday dates available, please call Sue Bruns (206)543-0714 to ask about sitting in on a class and auditioning the same day in January.
  • Some auditioners may be invited to attend a workshop in Seattle on February 28-March 1, 2014. Note - this is a change in date.

We are not attending U/RTA auditions in San Francisco, but will be attending U/RTA auditions in Chicago.

If you have any questions on the application process, contact the School of Drama's graduate program assistant, Sue Bruns, at (206)543-0714 or email

For more information on the PATP program, contact Professor Valerie Curtis-Newton at (206) 616-7148.

Audition Appointments

We will email you to schedule your audition appointment after you apply to the graduate school. Later applicants may not get their first choice of audition time; however every effort will be made to schedule a private audition for everyone who submits an application.

University/Resident Theater Association

  • We will be attending U/RTA auditions in New York and Chicago in 2014.
  • We are not attending U/RTA (or having private auditions) in San Francisco.

Applicants who do not want a private audition and plan to only audition through the University/Resident Theater Association (U/RTA) National Unified Final Auditions do not submit any University of Washington application materials unless asked to after their final U/RTA audition. (You may still apply for financial assistance available through the University by submitting the FAFSA and designating University of Washington-Seattle, Code #003798, in Step 6.)

Contact U/RTA at:
1560 Broadway, Suite 414
New York, NY 10036

U/RTA's application deadline is usually in late November. They will accept late applications up to a certain date with the payment of a late fee.

Admissions Requirements

Students who hold (or will hold by September) a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution may apply. Most applicants have undergraduate degrees in theatre, but it is not essential. All must demonstrate outstanding talent to be admitted. The GRE is not required. International applicants must meet the minimum TOEFL and TSE scores and other Graduate School requirements.