The School of Drama would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all the supporters who have made a recent financial contribution. Your gifts make a genuine impact in the lives of our students, and in turn, within the greater theatre community. Contributions of all sizes allow the School of Drama to provide an innovative education to each of our students, enabling them to reach their full creative potential.

School of Drama Donors, July 1, 2013 – May 19, 2014

$25,000+  $10,000+  $5,000+
Jono Crider and family
Floyd Jones
Matthew Clapp, Jr.
Howard and Joan Voorheis
Sarah Nash Gates
Dean and Tomilynn McManus

Stephen Alley and Amy Scott
Dr. Les and Therese Barnette
Donald Correll
Joanne Euster

Mark Gibson and Joseph Terteling
Karen Koon
Mertel Family Fund
The Hon. Charles and Nancy Mertel
John and Nadine Murray

Kerry and Jan Richards
Dennis Tiffany
Sally Anne West
Nancy Wick and Maurice Warner
Jean and Morton Wilhelm


Chapman Charitable Trust
Joe and JoAnne Creager
Randy Everett and Gary Fuller
Jo and Bradley Hindman
Gerald Hjert

Robert Jenkins
Debbie Killinger
Mark Levine and John Keppeler
Thomas Lucas
Jessica Martin
Scott and Tanya Mertel

Robert Monsen
Harvey Sadis and Harriett Cody
Deborah Trout
Mya and Richard Ulrich
Washington Women Foundation
Barry and Margaret Witham


Marilyn and Emory Ackley
Laurie Black and Stafford Mays
Kalman Brauner and Amy Carlson
Kenneth Cerniglia & Adrien Lanusse

Kai Fujita
Joan and Steve Goldblatt
Everett Kent
Paul Kowalski and Alice Grette
Masoud and Mahnaz Mousavi

Jocelyn Phillips and Warren Bakken
Dirk Sanders
Avon and George Wilson
Tom and Margo Wyckoff


Basil and Gretchen Anex
Adina Angle
Richard Arnold
Diane Baas
Linda and Jeremy Balmuth
The Boeing Company
Kimberly Brangwin and Robert Milham
Sarah Bryant-Bertail and Georges Bertail
John and Arlene Carpenter
Diane and Bruce Casterline
Kanwaldeep Chadha
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Robert and Mary Cleland
Bruce and Edith Cole
Mary and William Comfort II
Elizabeth Cooper
Chris Costa
Gordon Crawford and Rebecca Herzfeld
Dorothy Curry
Richard and Beverly Davis
John and Marjorie DesRosier
Ellen Downey
H. Brad Edwards
Alvin and Ruth Eller
Kathleen Ellis
Jeanie Forte


Joan Gibbs-Iverson and James Ventenbergs
Jay and Sara Glerum
Alan Goodin
Linda Gould
Richard Greene
Harry Groener and Dawn Didawick
Mark and Linda Hale
Ellen Hazzard
Beatrice and Clarence Heckendorn
Gregg Henry and Lisa James
James Hilton
Kathleen Hoban
Annette and James Hoxsey
Carol and Mark Jenkins
Paul Justice
Richard and Kathleen Kirkendall
Hinton Kittrell
Alison Lehner-Quam
Shirley Loper
Eugene Majka
Martha Mattus and William Flynn
Andrew McMasters
Meehan-Holtz-Kelly Charitable Trust
Microsoft Corporation
Natalie and Gabriel Miller
Frank and Mary Montgomery

Karen Nelsen
Stephen and Ruth Newman
Gregory Olsson
John Oppenheimer
Doris Pelto
Tommer Peterson and Elizabeth Flett
Valerie Rauckhorst
Dean Richardson and Jennifer Hung
Linda and Rudolf Risler
James Royce
Richard Sloniker
Thomas and Tamara Spiller
Leslie and Ten Eyck Swackhamer
Margaret Teramoto
Bret Torbeck
Jeffrey and Carin Towne
Eugene Usui
Sharon Wada
Meri Wada
Ingrid and Doug Welti
Laura Wickman
Sally Williams
Carl and Eleanor Wirum
Larry Wornian and Mary Lanier
Kyoko Wright
Frances Yasunaga
Polle Zellweger and Jock Mackinlay


Mary and Terry Anderson
Abe and Marlene Angell
Rosalie Antupit
Shirley Bartlett
Noreen Bergin
George Boswell
Constance Brennand
William Britten
David Brun
Katie Bunten
John and Marlene Caley Jr.
Jack Clay
Carol and W. Jeffries Coleman
Virginia and Mike Conklin
Carol and Thomas Dempsey
Kyle Doughty-Higgins and Christopher Higgins
Gregory Dudiak
Conor Duffy
Sarah and Christopher Emerson
Marion Fukuma
Patricia and Moses Goldberg
William Harvey
Janet Hayakawa and Ferdinand Lyttle
Robert and June Henry
Peggy and Neil Holman
Cleta Hughes
Julie Hungar
Chris Jenkins
Donna Johannessen


Jeff Johnson
Kazuko and Mitsuo Kawachi
Barrian and Steven Klingaman
Kathryn Klosky
Thomas Knapp
Carol and Jeffrey Koplan
Deepa Krishnan
Minako Kunihiro
Allan Kutoff
Debra Landers
Ronald Leamon
Cherly LeDonne
Christine Livingston
Kristi Magee
Patricia Martinkova
Nancy Mayeno
Ruth McCormick
Timothy McMath
Medora Moburg
Ginny Montgomery
Jane Mortell
Arthur and Sharleen Nichols
Gary Nichols
Toru and Sheila Ogasawara
Kathleen Okazaki and Roy Williams
Michael and Susan Peskura
Sara-Joy and J. Ricardo Pocasangre
Earl and Nann Prebezac
Timothy and Jill Pringle
Ruth Prins
Sally Pritchard

Anand Rao
Shelly Rauckhorst
Karen Reed and Leslie Kragen
Richard and Deborah Rogers
Barbara Rollinger
Ralph and Colleen Rosinbum
Abigail and Rolland Rueb
Mardette Sanders
Nancy and William Savage
Allen Schwerer
Debra Scroggs
Gretchen Seifert
Robert and Barbara Smith
Donna Snow
Anne Stewart
Maria and H. Scott Strickland
Brian Surratt
Lila Swalwell
Fred and Betty Takasumi
Fujiye and Scott Umemoto
Vicki Vanecek-Young
Tad and Frances Wada
Jessica Wagoner
Kurt Walls
Shirley Ward
Reitha and Russell Weeks
Adam Weisman
Albert Williams
Garland and Kitty Wood
Shirley Wood
Allison and Bradley Young