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Spencer Hamp as Macheath

Once a season, the School of Drama undergraduate actors take to the main stage. This season they are led by Tony-nominated guest director Wilson Milam in Václav Havel’s The Beggar’s Opera. School of Drama and Undergraduate Theater Society (UTS) veterans Hannah Ruwe (UTS Executive Director) and Spencer Hamp (UTS Creative Development Director) along with Esther Hafner, on a year-long exchange program from Germany, share their thoughts on working with Mr. Milam, UTS versus the school’s main stage, and the ups and downs of being a drama student at a large university.

How is this play different than your other experiences with UW productions, both main stage and the Undergraduate Theater Society?

Spencer: Every production is so different. Each requires a different process depending on the story you’re trying to tell and the theatrical devices the show uses. We’ve spent all our time so far at...

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Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips is a recent graduate of the School of Drama (BA ’13). He is one of the founding members of Seattle’s newest theatre company, The Horse in Motion. Their inaugural production, ‘Attempts on Her Life‘ by Martin Crimp, opens this week.

In an underground art gallery of mysterious objects and a clump of writhing human bodies, three art critics take in the scene. “Where are the boundaries?” one asks.

This question, in many ways, has pervaded the process of putting up Attempts on Her Life from the very beginning. Our company has investigated the boundaries between types of theatre, between types of art, between ideas, and between people. Many of us recently crossed over the boundary from college to post-graduate life, and that experience has informed...

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