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2014 Performing Arts Lecture Series: Celebrity and Its Discontents

Odai Johnson is a professor of theatre history and the head of the School of Drama’s PhD program, as well as a founding member of the Center for Performance Studies. His lecture, “The Predatory Gaze of Looking,” kicks off the third-annual Performing Arts Lecture Series.

This year’s Performing Arts Lecture Series takes on the topic of celebrity. The series not only addresses the process of acquiring fame, the mechanisms of its reproduction, and the discontents behind this excess of looking – that is, not just ‘celebrity’ as a pronoun (that remarkable person) – but ‘Celebrity’ as a process of consumption. To acquire what Joseph Roach has called ‘It’ seems to be the compulsion of the media, but we would do well to ask what does ‘It’ acquire? We know a great deal about the...

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