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Rosalind Phelps, BA Drama Performance, 2015, director of "On the Verge" and outgoing President of UTS.

by Rosalind Phelps

I try to make it up as I go. I like making it up as I go. In fact, I want to be a “make it up as you go”-er. What does it mean to be a “make it up as you go”-er? It means that you value creativity, spontaneity, bravery, and a constant sense of moving forward; all things I hope to keep with me as I take my first steps into the real world.

I have a degree…almost. In June, I graduate from the School of Drama with a BA in Drama Performance. Throughout my four years of study I have cultivated this identity of the “make it up as you go”-er from the bits and pieces of wisdom and inspiration I encountered as an undergraduate.   

“Find the fear in the room and confront it” is a piece of directing and, frankly, life advice that Professor Valerie Curtis-Newton swears by, and it has stuck hard with me as well. Similarly, I admire the writer/director Young Jean Lee for her dedication to creating pieces based on her fears as a director. We all have fear of...

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Michael Joseph Hanley

by Michael Jospeh Hanley

Every student of the arts knows the feeling of dread that grows and grows as graduation inches closer and closer: What will I do with my Drama degree? How am I going to financially support myself? What will my next artistic project be?

As someone who will be walking in graduation ceremonies in June, all of those questions are of interest. That being said, I am the kind of person who needs to answer the last question before I can get to the other ones. Artistic creation and expression feeds and fuels my soul. I need it as much as I need food, water, and sleep.

There’s a problem, though: in order to work on a project, you need a project to work on. Actors get work by auditioning for shows, but unless you’re applying for a specific internship or assistantship program, directors don’t necessarily have a structured, systematic way of getting work. In my experience, a lot of it comes down to whether or not you are in the right place at the...

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