Blog Archive - August 2015

Josh Beerman

by Josh Beerman

Working as a theatre professional can be exhausting. I know this first hand because my wife is an actor and I am a playwright. Since returning to Seattle from New York after 7 years last August, she hasn’t stopped working, cast in show on top of show, and I have had my own workshops and rehearsals. Because we have a 3-year-old son, and need the paycheck, all of the work has been a blessing, but as anyone in the arts can attest, it is also a challenge that can sap all your energy, creative or otherwise. In August she closes a show and we get one glorious month together before the next show starts, a month to rest, recharge, and just be parents; of course she also won’t be working, which means she needs to be preparing for the next thing. Still, after a very busy year we will finally have the option to slow down and take a breath.              

That being said, just because we slow down doesn’t mean the industry will. Talk to any working theatre...

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