Blog Archive - October 2015

Michael Monicatti in London.

by Michael Monicatti (BA student)

They say, showing up is half the battle.

From the time I was a boy, I have considered myself an actor. It began in my backyard with bins of costumes, playing dress up in what I am now confortable admitting were my grandmother’s old shawls and has since taken me to the UW School of Drama and, this last summer, to London.

In the winter quarter of my sophomore year, I took a course affectionately called “Shakespeare” with the great (and I really mean it when I say great) Amy Thone. In the only Shakespeare acting course offered to undergraduate actors, Thone introduced us to Shakespeare’s sonnets, his plays, and his characters. We learned how to speak in rhythm using tennis rackets; we learned how important it was to emphasize double entendre; we learned how to shape the words into images; we learned how to make the text come alive. And we learned and we...

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