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Sarah Nash Gates Endowed Graduate Student Support Fund

There are people who come into this world that shine a light.

We all have those people in our lives, that certain teacher, or mentor, or friend who took the time to see us and through their guidance and support opened up doors of possibility for our own personal growth.

Sarah Nash Gates was that person for so many people. When we lost her to cancer on Friday evening, it felt as though a radiant and beautiful light was extinguished. But, what happened in the hours that followed was extraordinary. People from all over the country took to sharing their stories. They were paying tribute to this woman who made time for them and, in ways both large and small, altered their trajectory. Sarah’s light was glowing brighter and more majestic than ever!

To say that Sarah had a profound impact on the School of Drama and the Seattle theatre community does not do her justice. For more than thirty years, Sarah served our community as an educator, a mentor, a leader, a designer...

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