Blog Archive - November 2017

Nina Williams at the Seattle Rep

Equity. Imagination. Joy.

These were the three values that we as an ensemble would live in. Marya Sea Kaminski, the director of the Seattle Public Works Odyssey, would call upon these values every day and she led by example.

When Marya first brought me into this project, I had no idea what it was, though I had vague recollections of what she had mentioned to me in passing while stage-managing Iphigenia and Other Daughters at the UW. I distinctly remember her saying that it was “a massive project that requires a lot of heart.”

Flash forward to about a year later, I joined the project and I was thrown into the most intense stage-managing experience of my life.

It sounds like an easy out - but I really didn’t have any specific expectations coming into the project. All I knew was that Marya was our captain and that I was going to be interacting with a room full of 125 people who may or may not have acted before, let alone on a professional...

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