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Sunam Ellis at 2019 School of Drama Graduation Ceremony / Photo by Logan Guerrero

Below is the full text of UW Drama PATP alum Sunam Ellis' (MFA '15) keynote speech at the UW Drama 2019 Graduation Ceremony. We feel sure you will find it as funny, wise, and inspirational as our graduates did. Happy graduation! 

Thank you faculty, guests, families, friends, and graduating class of 2019 for having me here today. I am truly humbled.

When I was asked to consider being a speaker for today, I wanted to make a list. I love making lists. Go on vacation? Make a list. Plan out the summer? Make a list. Clean the house? Make a list. You get the idea. I love lists.

So I made a list for today. A really great list. A list of all the wonderful things I’ve learned about this business. Those tidbits shared with me that helped me be successful along the way. How to schmooze. How to own your own voice. How to work in the room. When to say no to a project. And don’t get me wrong. Those things are really important.

But at the core, what has really...

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2019 - 2020 Season

Subscriptions for our 2019 - 2020 season are on sale now!


Be a part of the process! Attend previews of our mainstage shows and help bring theatre to life. This is our most economical subscription option, plus preview subscribers ALWAYS get unlimited discounted tickets to regular performances, so you can come back and see how the show has changed (and share it with friends!). Subscription can be used for preview performances only. 

Celebrate with us! Be the first to see each show, and enjoy a chance to mingle with the artists and toast their work. This season we will be opening on Thursdays, and we will continue the...

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