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Computing: Local Area Network (LAN)

The School of Drama utilizes a Local Area Network (LAN) to connect to data storage located on Arts & Sciences servers. Faculty and staff are urged to save a file on the server if:

  • Other users need to be able to access those files OR
  • The file is important enough to require back up

Files stored on individual computers are not backed up. If the computer is stolen, damaged, or becomes infected by a virus, the file could be lost. Storage on the LAN is backed up on a nightly basis.

Logging In

Each faculty and staff has a LAN account, consisting of a user name and password. When using this account to log into any School computer that is connected to the Arts and Sciences Domain (ASCOMP), users will have access to both School files (mapped as "DramaData") and personal files (Mapped as [username]).

Saving Files

Files saved to the DramaData drive are accessible by all faculty and staff (with the exception of the "Secure" folder, which has restricted access limited to select staff). Files saved to personal drives typically are accessible only to the user (The administrator and computing staff have access if required.).

Apple Computers and the LAN

Apple computers do not have access to the LAN. Faculty and staff requesting Apple computers as their primary computer will need to work out LAN Access with Drama IT Staff.