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Fall Quarter 2020 Questions and Answers

 The purpose of this page is to provide information specific to the UW School of Drama and how we are managing our curricular and production activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated frequently as new information becomes available. This page will be primarily populated with answers to questions posed by Drama students. If you have a question you would like answered and you are not sure who the best person is to ask, or would like your question to remain anonymous, please click the button below to submit your question.

If you are looking for information about how the university is responding to the crisis, please check this page: Autumn Quarter Frequently Asked Questions and the University's Coronavirus Information Page

COVID Questions

Q. How can I get free COVID-19 testing?

A. You can spread the coronavirus even if you have no symptoms — so for your health and the health of our community, you’re encouraged to enroll in the Husky Coronavirus Testing program.

Tests for the virus that causes COVID-19 are administered at in-person testing sites and through a test you can take yourself at home. The program is powered by the Seattle Flu Study team — the group that was the first to report community spread of COVID-19 in the United States. If you have questions, please review our testing FAQ. You can also email or call (206) 616-2414.

To learn more and enroll visit:

Husky Coronavirus Testing

Q. Who is responsible for determining and implementing the School of Drama's COVID-19 safety protocols?

A. Every department has been asked to designate COVID-19 Supervisors who are responsible for designing and implementing that department's COVID-19 safety plan. For the 2020-2021 academic year, the School of Drama's COVID-19 Supervisors are Production Manager Ryan Gastelum ( and Administrator Tina Swenson ( 

Q. Where can I find out more about the School of Drama's COVID-19 safety protocols?

You can read the school's COVID-19 Prevention Plan here

Q. Is there any financial assistance available for students who have been impacted by COVID-19? 

A. Yes. The UW has an emergency aid fund that is available to all current enrolled students. Click here to can access the emergency aid application form. The Husky Food Pantry also remains open, and no one with a Husky ID will be turned away. Please note that, due to COVID-19, the pantry is no longer offering in-pantry shopping. All customers must fill out an online order form. Visit the Husky Food Pantry website for more information. 

Academic Questions

Q. Where can I find faculty teaching and office hours schedules? 

A. Fall quarter teaching schedules and office hours will be posted on this page, as well as the on the advising page, as soon as they are available. 

Q. How will I know if my course is online or in-person? 

A. There are two ways to find out whether your course is online or in-person. This applies to all UW courses, not just Drama: 
1. In the time schedule, under the class meeting time, there will be a note that states: "OFFERED VIA REMOTE LEARNING" for all classes that are being offered online.
2. In MyPlan, in the course description, there will be a note following the day and time that says "REMOTE". 

Production Questions

Q. How is the School of Drama producing theatre this year?

A. The School of Drama is producing a fully-online public season. To see the season productions, click here. There will also be online lab productions produced by the School of Drama. To get involved in student-produced work, please check this page

How can I get involved in the season?

Auditions for season productions typically happen at the end of the quarter prior to the production. Audition announcements for undergraduates are sent out via the BA listserve. To join the BA listserve, email Undergraduate Advisor Eloise Boyle at This year, our tri-production with Cornish and SU (Twelfth Night and A New Devised Work) will be cast exclusively with undergraduate actors, as will the final production of spring quarter (title TBA). We also anticipate that BAs will be invited to audition for the 1st-Year MFA Director Project, Accidental Death of An Anarchist, and Rosmersholm, as well as various CabLab and 218 projects. 

If you are interested in finding opportunities as a stage manager contact Production Manager Ryan Gastelum at

If you are interested in finding opportunities as a technician or designer, contact Deborah Trout, Head of Design & Production at

If you are interested in finding opportunities as a playwright or director, contact Valerie Curtis-Newton, Head of Directing & Playwriting, at

If you are interested in finding opportunities as a dramaturg, contact Scott Magelssen, Head of Theatre History, Theory & Criticism at

Why are there three shows in spring?

We believe that spring quarter has the greatest possibility (not a guarantee, but the greatest possibility) of being “normal.” In other words, in-person performances, either with or without audience. In order to maximize student opportunities, we are concentrating more shows into spring quarter than we typically would.

Is this season finalized?

Yes. However, we must acknowledge that the state of world is such that things could change unexpectedly, thus all titles and dates are subject to change. Additionally, we are still waiting on final rights approval on some titles. 

How was the season selection committee formed?

The season selection committee is a volunteer committee comprised of students, faculty, and staff. Invitations to join the season selection committee went out to all students, faculty, and staff during fall quarter via email and in-person announcements (like at the All School Meeting). Anyone who wished to be involved was welcome, as long as they were able to commit to participating in an ongoing way. This year’s season selection committee included three staff members, four undergraduate students, four graduate students, and five faculty members.

Can I be involved in season selection? 

Any member of the Drama community who wants to can be involved in season selection by volunteering to join the season selection committee, and committing to participate in the work of the committee, which includes attending meetings and engaging in conversation with the whole group, understanding pedagogical goals and production constraints and opportunities, and reading and sharing thoughts on plays suggested by members of the committee. This is a committee that requires a long-term commitment and an in-depth understanding of the season selection process. If you would like to join the season selection committee for the 2021-2022 public season, please email committee coordinator Caroline Rensel at

I have a question, comment, or idea about the season. How can I communicate it?

You can either email your question or comment to Geoff Korf ( and/or Ryan Gastelum ( or you can use this form to submit your question or comment. The form will provide the option of submitting your question or comment anonymously.

Other Questions

Q. Can I access Hutchinson Hall? 

A. Per university policy, Hutchinson Hall, our theatres, and our scene shop are closed to all except a limited number of essential personnel, mainly admin and production staff who will be coming in on very limited schedules. Any access beyond this is on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in advance by Ryan Gastelum or Tina Swenson, who are the School of Drama's designated COVID-19 Supervisors for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

If your question is not answered above, please email Geoff Korf at, or email, or use this anonymous form to submit your question: