Job Description: Digital Media Production Assistant

ASE Job Description


To assist Associate Professor Andrew Tsao in the pre-production, production and post-production of various curricular and departmental video projects, and to maintain, operate and assist students in the use of departmental digital video and media equipment.


This position requires familiarity with the following:

  1. The principles behind and the operation of various digital camera systems, including the Panasonic HVX 200 HD, Canon 5D Mark II, prosumer minicams or other equivalent systems.
  2. Cinematographic principles of f-stop, focal lengths and their equivalencies in digital media. Framing, screen size, narrative film grammar principles.
  3. Cinema / video lighting technique: three cornered set ups, key, back and fill principles. Set up and operations of Cinema lights from Fresnels to HMI to Diva lights. C stand use, flag and scrim use, etc.
  4. Digital audio capture: Sennheiser or equivalent mic systems and Lavalier or equivalent mic systems
  5. Final Cut Pro Studio 7 competency, including Color, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro
  6. Internet video streaming formats and uploading.


  • To set up lighting, camera and audio systems for classroom use.
  • To operate camera for class exercises.
  • To break down equipment after classes.
  • To keep equipment in good working order, to take care of simple maintenance and request factory maintenance as needed.
  • To edit and output class projects and department projects though Final Cut and for various platforms, including DVD, webstreaming, etc.
  • To offer tutorials and assistance to students, staff and others as needed by the School of Drama.
  • To occasionally shoot and edit departmental publicity materials in theatres, on site, etc.

Digital Media Production Assistant

Assignment Digital Media Production GSA
Supervisor Andrew Tsao, Associate Professor
(206) 616-9792,
Procedures used for evaluation Approximately mid-quarter you will be evaluated by your supervisor on:
  • Completes tasks in a timely manner
  • Attendance/punctuality
  • Willingness to take on "ad hoc" duties
  • Initiative
  • Attitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Communication with supervisor
  • Overall focus on projects

You will receive a copy of this evaluation. Re-appointment is dependent on satisfactory job performance.


An average of 20 hours per week, for a total not to exceed 220 hours for the quarter.

Approximately 10-15 hours a week in class, addition 5-10 hours editing time to be scheduled.

Must keep time sheets.

Office hours As arranged with supervisor, please coordinate start date with Andrew Tsao.
Training programs NA
Work location Hughes Penthouse Theatre, UW Campus