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Tamin Totzke

Part-time Lecturer, Somatic Practice
Tamin Totzke

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My life and my work both have been deeply driven by my fascination and trust in the body. My journey through studying the body has come in many forms; through my own experience of chronic pain, to my devoted yoga practice, to my decade plus years of experience as a body worker, and extensively through dance. As a Dance Artist and Dance Educator, I’ve spent the past 20 years sharing my love of movement and speaking to the body’s incredible intelligence. I always tell students, the body knows how to heal and organize through movement and momentum- “listen to your body, keep moving, and trust that it’ll find its way.”

When pursuing my MFA in Dance I became immersed in researching trauma, specifically how the body stores trauma and how this trauma presents in daily life. Entering my MFA program I assumed that I would continue to follow a career in academic dance education, though it was clear to me that my passion was being reimagined. This pivotal experience redirected my life.

After graduating from my master’s program I continued to explore the world of trauma and quickly found Somatic Experiencing. Here I found my home, my community, and found what I didn’t even realize I was looking for. My studies of Somatic Experiencing led me to discover the work of Kathy Kain’s Somatic Practice, which felt, again, like a homecoming. I believe in this work with every cell of my body and every cell in my body has transformed through my own receiving of this work.

This all led to my return to graduate school and to the completion of an MA in counseling, LMFTA. I practice both Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Practice, and am currently studying with Stephen Terrell in his work, Transforming the Experienced Base Brain (TEB). This practice is geared toward regulation of development trauma and pre-verbal states, which can include prenatal and birth trauma.