Alumni from the University of Washington School of Drama are advancing the artistic conversation through their innovative and diverse work both regionally and across the globe. Our graduates, many who have gone on to become highly successful, represent the best of what the School of Drama has to offer. Whether they went on to become television stars, acclaimed film producers, exceptional costume designers, artistic directors, or theatrical entrepreneurs, the UW School of Drama was the foundation for their growth as artists.

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John Aylward
BFA Drama (PATP), Class of 1971
Tim Bond
MFA Directing, Class of 1983
MFA Scenic Design, Class of 1999
Melanie Burgess
MFA Costume Design, Class of 2002
Desdemona Chiang
MFA Directing, Class of 2009
Marya Sea Kaminski
MFA Acting, PATP, Class of 2004
Richard Karn
BFA Drama (PATP), Class of 1979
Mariana Klaveno
BA Drama, Class of 2009
Kyle Maclachlan
BFA Drama (PATP), Class of 1982
Joel McHale
MFA Acting, PATP, Class of 2000
Pamela Reed
BFA Drama (PATP), Class of 1975
Ron Simons
MFA Acting, PATP, Class of 2001
Jean Smart
BFA Drama (PATP), Class of 1974
Jennifer Zeyl
MFA Scenic Design, Class of 2003

Alumni Web Pages

BA in Drama

Name Degree Class Year
Arriaga, Javonna BA Drama 2013
Aylward, John BFA Drama (PATP) 1971
Beauzay, Eric BA Drama 2004
Buron, Ingrid Sanai BA Drama 1995
Groener, Harry BFA Acting (PATP) 1976
Karn, Richard BFA Drama (PATP) 1979
Klaveno, Mariana BA Drama 2009
Leach, Allison BA Drama 2000
Limon, Ada BA Drama 1998
MacLachlan, Kyle BFA Drama (PATP) 1982
Phillips, Ben BA Drama 2013
Place, Michael BA Drama 2004
Ramsey, Bobbin BA Drama (performance) 2013
Reed, Pamela BFA Drama (PATP) 1975
Smart, Jean BFA Drama (PATP) 1974
Smith, Devon BA Drama 2006
Smith, Tommy BA Drama 1999

MFA in Acting (Professional Actor Training Program)

Name Degree Class Year
Albright, Francile MFA Acting, PATP 2005
Emond, Linda MFA Acting, PATP 1986
Frear, Amy MFA Acting, PATP 2011
Giampietro, Matt MFA Acting, PATP 2012
Gilliespie, Brian MFA Acting, PATP 2006
Hébert, Mitchell MFA Acting, PATP 1983
Henke, Saffron MFA Acting/PATP 2001
Hill, Brianne Professional Actor Training Program 2014
Hilson, Amanda Professional Actor Training Program 2014
Holt, Valeka MFA Acting, PATP 2012
Hutchison, Christopher MFA Acting, PATP 1999
Iglesias, Yesenia Professional Actor Training Program 2014
Jha, Pankaj "J" K Professional Actor Training Program 2014
Kaminiski, Marya Sea MFA Acting, PATP 2004
Kennedy, Carl MFA in Acting 2010
Kruse, Phil MFA Acting, PATP 2012
Lian, Kayla MFA Acting, PATP 2011
Loveland, Sarah MFA Acting, PATP 2012
Ludwigsen, Jennefer MFA Acting, PATP 2009
McHale, Joel MFA Acting, PATP 2000
McLeod, Katharine MFA Acting, PATP 2008
Millan, Rene MFA Acting, PATP 1999
Modrizadeh, Leyla MFA Acting, PATP 1994
Mousavi, Darius Professional Actor Training Program 2014
Mullen, Chance MFA Acting, PATP 2006
Novarra, Michael MFA Acting, PATP 2002
Raney, Colleen MFA Acting, PATP 2001
Robinson, Monique MFA Acting, PATP 2012
Shue, Jonathan Professional Actor Training Program 2014
Simons, Ron MFA Acting, PATP 2001
Sloniker, Richard MFA Acting, PATP 2009
Southern, Georgia MFA Acting, PATP 2006
Stroppel, Thomas MFA Acting, PATP 2009
Telesmar, Christian Professional Actor Training Program 2014
von Fliss, Montana MFA Acting, PATP 2008
Wood, Kimberly Nicole Professional Actor Training Program 2014
Young, Jack MFA Acting, PATP 1986

MFA in Design

Name Degree Class Year
Apatoff, Rachel MFA Costume Design 2012
Armes, Anastasia MFA Costume Design 2011
Arnold, Paul MFA Lighting Design 2014
Bartek, Ann MFA Scenic Design 2004
Brown, Christopher MFA Scenic Design 1999
Burgess, Melanie MFA Costume Design 2002
Chisholm, Mairi MFA Costume Design 2007
Cumings, Marnie MFA Lighting Design 2012
Dobay, Stephen MFA Scenic Design 2008
Flynn, Ryn MFA Lighting Design 2014
Frank, Candace MFA Costume Design 2010
Jackson, Aaron C. MFA Scenic Design 2010
Layton, Andrew MFA Scenic Design 2005
Lieberman, Andrew MFA Scenic Design 1998
Lim, Czerton MFA Scenic Design 2006
Mannion, Andrew MFA Scenic Design 2012
Martin, Robert J. MFA Costume & Scenic Design 1998
McDermott, John MFA Scenic Design 1996
Minahan, Michael MFA Scenic Design 2011
Mumaw, Christopher MFA Scenic Design 2012
O'Shea, Steve MFA Lighting Design 2002
Panzarella, Allison MFA Costume Design 2014
Petrovich, Michaela MFA Costume Design 2014
Short, Melinda MFA Lighting Design 2007
Sipila, Jennifer MFA Scenic Design 2014
Smith, Andrew D. MFA Lighting Design 2005
Smucker, Matthew MFA Scenic Design 2002
TenEyck, Steve MFA Lighting Design 2001
Van Winkle, Emily MFA Lighting Design 2012
Wilder, Lara MFA Lighting Design 2009
Williams, Marion MFA Scenic Design 2003
Wilson, Linnaea Boone MFA Costume Design 2012
Zeyl, Jennifer MFA Scenic Design 2003
Zibello, Deanna MFA Scenic Design 2009

MFA in Directing (Professional Director Training Program)

Name Degree Class Year
Bond, Timothy MFA Directing 1983
Chiang, Desdemona MFA Directing 2009
Costello, Josh MFA Directing 2003
Domski, Jude MFA Directing 2000
Fisch, Tamara MFA Directing 2007
Rivas, Tlaloc MFA Directing 1999

PhD Program

Name Degree Class Year
Al-Saber, Samer Ph.D.; now at Davidson College 2013
Anderson, Lisa Ph.D.; now at Arizona State University 1995
Barnett, Dennis Ph.D.; now at Coe College 1998
Canning, Charlotte Ph.D.; now at University of Texas at Austin 1991
Cheek O'Donnell, Sydney Ph.D.; now at University of Utah 2004
Chemers, Michael Ph.D.; now at UC Santa Cruz 2001
Donkin, Ellen Ph.D.; now at Hampshire College 1982
Douthit, Lue Ph.D.; now Director of Literary Dev. & Dramaturgy, Oregon Shakespeare Festival 1995
Granshaw, Michelle Ph.D.; now at University of Pittsburgh 2012
Higgins, Jeanmarie Ph.D.; now at University of North Carolina, Charlotte 2011
Holland, Dorothy Ph.D.; now at University of Richmond 1999
Jackson-Schebetta, Lisa Ph.D.; now at University of Pittsburgh 2010
Johnson, Katie Ph.D.; now at Miami University 1996
Jones Cavanaugh, Jennifer Ph.D.; now at Rollins College 1995
May, Theresa Ph.D.; now at University of Oregon 2000
Polster, Joshua Ph.D.; now at Emerson College 2006
Reilly, Kara Ph.D.; now at University of Exeter, UK 2006
Russell, Susan Ph.D.; now at Gettysburg College 1993
Sieg, Katrin Ph.D.; now at Georgetown University 1991
Smith, Terry Donovan Ph.D.; now at California State University, San Bernardino 1996
Sullivan, Esther Beth Ph.D.; now at Alaska Pacific University 1989
Underiner, Tamara Ph.D.; now at Arizona State University 1997
Warner, Vessela Ph.D; now at University of Alabama at Birmingham 2002
Warrick, John Ph.D., now at the University of Southern Mississippi 2006
Wilcox, Dean Ph.D.; now at University of North Carolina School of the Arts 1994