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Administrative Policy Memo 12

Adopted April 17, 2000

Subject: Junior Faculty Development Program

In order to support junior faculty in their professional development, the University has established this program. The procedures the School of Drama will use in processing these awards follows.

At the time of hiring new faculty, the Chair and the eligible faculty member will discuss this Program. Preliminary discussion will explore some options, and the new hire will be advised of his/her application procedure at the time of beginning the appointment. As it is possible for the award to be used as early as the summer following the first year on campus, filing request for this time period must be done before December 1st.

For continuing eligible faculty members, requests for the Program must be submitted before March 1st for implementation in the following academic year. The activity for which the faculty member is requesting the award should have been part of the Chair/faculty member's annual conference in the previous year; it also should be planned with and approved by the Area Head.

All parties must realize course reductions in a School as small as ours can have a negative impact. Implementation of the jr. faculty development program must be scheduled with the approval of both the Head of the area and the Council. Application forms are available for these purposes, and will be distributed to eligible faculty members in the Fall, with a memorandum outlining the deadlines for submission.


Administrative Policy No. 12, first est. 4/00
Subsequent Revisions:
Executive Council Approval: April 5, 2000
Faculty Approval: April 17, 2000