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Academic Policy Memo 13

Issued May, 1996

Production Thesis in Scene Design

Graduate students in Scene Design will make a final presentation of their thesis project. It is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Select a committee - should consist of at least three members. The committee should be selected before the opening of the production, so that all members can be sure to see one performance during the run of the show.
  2. Schedule the meeting of committee.
  3. Notify the Graduate Program Coordinator and Graduate assistant of both in a timely fashion to allow the usual paperwork to be prepared prior to the meeting.

The final presentation will include the following:

I. A finished model of the complete set indicating color in 1/4" or 1/2" scale, and a complete set of sketches in color with accompanying ground plans.
II. Complete designer’s drawings to include plan, section, elevations, necessary details, and prop drawings. For multi-set shows, a 1/4" ground plan of each set or phase should be included. Items I & II will have been completed in their entirety and reviewed by the advisor prior to the start of any shop work.
III. Complete research file (photocopies, notes, etc.)
IV. All rough sketches, ground plans, etc., generated in the course of the project.
V. Color photos or slides of each set or phase.

Analysis of Design - a typed paper to include:

  1. Original intent/concept. Discussion of design conferences with director and other designers. Evolution of the design.
  2. Build period. Discuss modifications of designs, problems working with the shop, the actors, and the director.
  3. Post-production critique: what was learned from the production? What was successful, what was not, and why? What would you do differently?


A copy of the Analysis of the Design should be delivered to each member of the thesis committee three days prior to the review. One set of all other materials should be available to the committee three days prior to the review.


Academic Policy Memo No. 13, first established May, 1996
Subsequent revisions
Executive Committee Approval: 5/21/96
Faculty Approval 6/3/96