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Administrative Policy Memo 3

Issued March, 1998

Use of Cabaret/Facilities

The use of the Cabaret (HUT 205) is primarily for undergraduate students in the School of Drama. The Cabaret is conceived as an undergraduate performance space and is equipped with lighting and sound systems, drapes, and seating. Undergraduates are invited to generate projects for the space - play readings, plays, musical performances, improvisations, etc.- and produce the projects themselves. Priority will be given to majors, with students who are minors being able to be assigned times 24 hours prior to use, on a space available basis. Other use of the space will be for School of Drama rehearsals on a space available basis.

The Cabaret is used as a classroom space until 5:30 pm. After that time students may request the space for rehearsals, etc. up to 11:00 pm.

Reservations for performances are to be coordinated through the cabaret manager. If there is a need to apply for the Drama 498 requirement attached to the acting classes or other credit, the student must have a faculty adviser. The cabaret manager will develop the reservation procedure. This will usually include filing a form which is to be approved by the Production Office. That Office will insure that drama activities are not scheduled in conflict with each other. This procedure will also include a process by which the General Manager for Production checks the major status of the person(s) who are requesting the use of the space.

As part of the reservation process, the student must prepare a written proposal including dates, title, cast size, scale of production, audience/size and royalties/costs. This information needs to be copied to the Executive Director. Upon approval, the Cabaret manager will schedule the room and instruct users in operating the equipment and the basic rules in use of the space.

PM 8103/3-98

Administrative Policy Memo No. 3, first established: March, 1998
Subsequent Revisions:
Executive Committee Approval: 3/11/98
Faculty Approval: 3/16/98