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Academic Policy Memo 9

Revised, October 2008

Procedures for the Advising of Directing Projects, Workshops and Thesis Productions

The Head of the Directing Program assumes ultimate responsibility for every student- directed project or production with the close participation and advice of the other members of the Directing faculty. Students are encouraged to seek mentoring and advice from faculty on an ongoing basis.


Faculty Production advisors consult with Directing students prior to and during the rehearsal process. They also attend a post-production evaluation with the Directing Faculty and the Head of the Directing Program. If the production takes place in the middle of the term it will be the responsibility of the Directing student to schedule acceptable meeting times with the Faculty. If the production comes toward the end of the term the evaluation may take place as part of the end of term evaluations.

While all mentoring relationships are different, it is assumed that the Faculty Production Advisor will have a sound knowledge of the play being directed and determine, in consultation with the Directing student, what kind of advising arrangement best serves the directing process.


Scheduling of all thesis, workshop and directing projects will be completed in the late winter or spring quarter of the preceding academic year. Directing students, in consultation with the program Head or a designee, will approach prospective faculty advisors as soon as the subscription season has been approved. This approach will make it possible to schedule all advising assignments in a timely manner. The only exception to this policy would be for incoming MFA directors, who will schedule winter and spring directing projects during the fall quarter of their first year.


Academic Policy Memo Number 9, first established April, 1980
Subsequent revisions: 8/89, 9/96
Executive Committee approval: April 13, 2004
Faculty approval: April 19, 2004