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Academic Policy Memo 5

Revised December 2018

Practicum Credits (498; 391, 466, 491)

Performance Credits (498)

Two credits of Drama 498 are awarded for acting in a mainstage production (i.e., a show on the School's mainstage subscription season).

To receive credit for Drama 498:
You will be registered by the undergrad advisor for two credits of Drama 498 the quarter that you appear in the production. Credits may be delayed to a future quarter if registering for these credits would result in extra tuition.

Drama 498 is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis only.        

Any exceptions to these procedures for earning performance credit must be approved by the head of the BA program and/or the General Manager for Production.  Credit is not given for off-campus work except for internship credit (Drama 493).

Production Credits (Drama 391/466/491)

  1. Two to five credits of Drama 466 are awarded for stage management work done on a mainstage production.
  2. Two credits of Drama 466 are awarded for stage management work done on a graduate directing project (director enrolled in Drama 561).
  3. One to three credits of Drama 391 is awarded for working on a mainstage production in another capacity‑‑e.g., assistant director, sound design, etc. or for stage managing an undergrad directing project. 30 hours of work per credit.
  4. One to three credits of Drama 491 is awarded for working as an assistant costume, lighting or scenic designer on a mainstage production, with area design faculty as supervisor.

To request Drama 391 or Drama 466 credit, see Anne Stewart in Hutchinson 119 to receive an assignment and entry code. To request Drama 491credit see the undergraduate advisor.


Academic Policy Memo Number 5, first established prior to Dec. 1990.
Subsequent revisions: Jan. 1984; Jan. 1990; April 1994; May 1995, November, 1995, October
1997, April, 1998, Dec. 1998, Oct. 1999, Oct 2008
Executive Committee approval: 10/1/08
Faculty approval: 10/8/08, 12/5/18