Performing South Africa's Truth Commission
15 Actors, 20 Years: Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre
Representing the Past: Essays in Performance Historiography, edited by Canning and Postlewait
Contemporary American Monologues for Women


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
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Galvanizing Performance (2017) Cathy Madden Acting, Acting Pedagogy, Alexander Technique, Dance, Music, Singing
London in a Box London in a Box (2017) Odai Johnson 18th Century, American, History, Theater History
Sequins, Self and Struggle (2017) Catherine Cole African
In the Theater of the Rule of Law: Performing the Rivonia Trial in South Africa, 1963-1964 (2016) Catherine Cole African
Todd London speaking at APASO conference The Servant Economy (2016) Todd London Acting, Culture
Zelda Fichandler Zelda Fichandler, Valient Striver in the Arena (2016) Todd London History, Theater Management
Anne Washburn A Lover's Guide to American Playwrights: Anne Washburn  (2016) Todd London Playwriting
15 Actors, 20 Years: Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre 15 Actors, 20 Years: Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre (2016) Todd London Acting
Cathy Madden (contributor), Marjorie Barstow, Her Teaching and Training (2016) Cathy Madden Alexander Technique
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The Theater and the University: Two ‘Last’ (and Lasting) Human Venues (2015) Catherine Cole Theater History
Justice in Transition: South Africa Political Trials, 1956–1964 (2015) Catherine Cole African, Social Justice
Genocides at Home: Ishi, Again (2015) Catherine Cole Social Change, Social Justice, Theater History
KH A Lover's Guide to American Playwrights--I Married a Playwright: Karen Hartman (2015) Todd London, Karen Hartman Playwriting
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Pro Choice Passive - an Op Ed in the Washington Post, January 2015 (2015) Karen Hartman Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
At the Convergence of Transitional Justice and Art  (2014) Catherine Cole African, Social Justice
Reverberations of Testimony: South Africa’s TRC in Art and Media (2014) Catherine Cole African, Social Justice
Todd London A Short Personal History of a Beautiful, Slippery Phrase (2014) Todd London Culture, Playwriting
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An Ideal Theater An Ideal Theater (2013) Todd London 20th Century, American