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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
STONE ANGELS: PAINFUL PROGRESS AFTER THE MILLENNIUM (2018) Cate Heiner 20th Century, 21st Century, American, Queer Studies
“Tactical Slowness: Fomenting a Culture of Mental Health in the Academy”  (2018) Scott Magelssen, Shelby Lunderman Culture, Drama, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Theater History
Book Cover Teaching the Alexander Technique (2018) Cathy Madden Acting, Acting for the Camera, Acting Pedagogy
Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda en el Teatro Costarricense (2018) Carlos Salazar Drama, Dramaturgy, Latin American, Latino/a Studies, Theater History
“Raising Proper Citizens" (2018) Stefka Mihaylova 19th Century, 20th Century, Bulgarian, Culture, Literature and Other Arts
Productions of Uncle Tom's Cabin in Iran and Germany Uncle Tom's Cabins (2018) Stefka Mihaylova 19th Century, 20th Century, 21st Century, Drama, Global and Transnational Studies, Literature and Other Arts, Performance Studies
"'Better to burn': The Prima Mimarum and Political Friction in Fourth-Century Antioch," Theatre Journal (March, 2018) (2018) Scott Venters Ancient, Classics, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Religion
Viking “Performing a Viking History of America: The 1893 Voyage and Display of a Viking Longship at the Columbus Quadricentennial” (2017) Scott Magelssen 19th Century, Culture, Historiography, History, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Scandinavian, Theater History, Theory/Criticism, Visual Culture
Galvanizing Performance (2017) Cathy Madden Acting, Acting Pedagogy, Alexander Technique, Dance, Music, Singing
London in a Box London in a Box (2017) Odai Johnson 18th Century, American, History, Theater History
Sequins, Self and Struggle (2017) Catherine Cole African
“Our Academic Discipline is Making Us Sicker”  (2016) Scott Magelssen Culture, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Theater History
Magelssen TDR Kon-Tiki “White-Skinned Gods: Thor Heyerdahl, The Kon-Tiki Museum, and the Racial Theory of Polynesian Origins.” (2016) Scott Magelssen Indigenous, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Postcolonial, Race and Ethnicity, Scandinavian, Theater History
In the Theater of the Rule of Law: Performing the Rivonia Trial in South Africa, 1963-1964 (2016) Catherine Cole African
Todd London speaking at APASO conference The Servant Economy (2016) Acting, Culture
Zelda Fichandler Zelda Fichandler, Valient Striver in the Arena (2016) History, Theater Management
Anne Washburn A Lover's Guide to American Playwrights: Anne Washburn  (2016) Playwriting
15 Actors, 20 Years: Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre 15 Actors, 20 Years: Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre (2016) Acting
Cathy Madden (contributor), Marjorie Barstow, Her Teaching and Training (2016) Cathy Madden Alexander Technique
"'Would you die for the Fatherland?': Disciplining the German Commemorative Body" Theatre History Studies (2016) Scott Venters 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, Culture, Dance, Modernism, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Race and Ethnicity
“The Radical Formalism of Suzan-Lori Parks and Sarah Kane” (2015) Stefka Mihaylova 20th Century, Drama, Theory/Criticism
The Theater and the University: Two ‘Last’ (and Lasting) Human Venues (2015) Catherine Cole Theater History
Justice in Transition: South Africa Political Trials, 1956–1964 (2015) Catherine Cole African, Social Justice
Genocides at Home: Ishi, Again (2015) Catherine Cole Social Change, Social Justice, Theater History
KH A Lover's Guide to American Playwrights--I Married a Playwright: Karen Hartman (2015) Karen Hartman Playwriting