Short Title People Involved Related Fields
"(Gestural Ontologies): Simian Sociality in the Production of Early Modern Universals,"  (2017) Scott Venters 17th Century, Drama, Ecocriticism, Global and Transnational Studies, Popular Culture, Theater History
"(Gestural Ontologies): Simian Sociality in the Production of Early Modern Universals," Mid-America Theatre Conference (MATC), Houston, March, 2017 (2017) Scott Venters 17th Century, Drama, Performance Studies, Popular Culture
Conversations with a silenced past and current oppressions: a film-set activism of Turkish unions (2016) Bahar Karlidag 20th Century, Turkish
"The Violent Spatializing of Time:  Colonizing Utopian Imaginaries in Seventeenth-Century Barbados"  (2016) Scott Venters 17th Century, Ecocriticism, Global and Transnational Studies, Postcolonial, Race and Ethnicity, Religion
"Remembering the Best and Forgetting the Rest: Training as a Dramaturg," ATHE 2015 (2015) Guillaume Tourniaire Dramaturgy
"Intersections and Collaborations: Dramaturg and Director Case Studies in Conversation," ATHE 2015 (2015) Guillaume Tourniaire 17th Century, 18th Century, Directing, Dramaturgy, French, Opera
"Remembering the Best and Forgetting the Rest," ATHE, 2015 (2015) Guillaume Tourniaire Dramaturgy
“Framing Violence in Interspecies Relations:  Encountering Flesh as Neoliberal Spatio-temporal Imaginary in The Portland Meat Collective," ASTR 2015, Portland  (2015) Scott Venters 21st Century, Activist Theater, Aesthetics, Critical Theory, Popular Culture, Social Change, Visual Culture
"Sovereign Bodies:  Excessive Materiality and the Performance of Dis-substantiation in the Formation of the Public Sphere," MATC (2015) Scott Venters 17th Century, African American, Critical Theory, Ecocriticism, Global and Transnational Studies, Theater History
B.F.F.’s and the Bard: Reclaiming the Importance of Female Friendship in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014) Leah Adcock-Starr Directing, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Shakespeare
“近松の心中物と民間信仰ー年忌供養と回向を中心に (Chikamatsu’s Love Suicide Plays and Popular Belief – An Examination of Death Anniversaries and Memorial Prayers).” (2014) Jyana Browne 18th Century, Japanese, Religion, Theater History
VASTA conference in London (2014) Judith Shahn Devised Work, Music, Performance Studies, Singing, Speech, Voice
Keynote Address, "Staging American Memories," Toulouse, France. (2014) Barry Witham American, Theater History
“The Politics and Aesthetics of Play:  The Wartburg Book-Burning and Hellenic Masculinity in the Construction of the German Nation,” TUGS (2014) Scott Venters 18th Century, 19th Century, Aesthetics, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, German, Popular Culture, Race and Ethnicity, Theater History
"'Better to burn': The Stage, the Church, and the Construction of Woman in Late Fourth Century Antioch," ATHE (2014) Scott Venters Ancient, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Popular Culture, Religion, Theater History, Theory/Criticism
"The Matter of the Heart:  Vesalius, Vivisection, and the Mediation of Print," ASTR (2014) Scott Venters 16th Century, Italian, Popular Culture, Reception Studies, Science and Technology
Layers of Mourning (2014) Jyana Browne 18th Century, Japanese
"University of Washington Students' Work Related to Women of Sand," SW/TX Popular/American Culture. (2014) Critical Theory
“The Reclamation of Angst and Self in These Streets: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story,” University of British Columbia Graduate Symposium. (2014) Christopher Goodson Critical Theory
"The Women of Grunge (Re)membered," MATC. (2014) Christopher Goodson Critical Theory
"Drowning Playwrights, and Other State Incursions into Genre," MATC. (2014) Odai Johnson Critical Theory
"Revising the National Theater Narrative of 18th-Century Germany," MATC. (2014) Elizabeth Coen Critical Theory
"Spectacular Performance in Cuzco, Peru: Indigenismo and the Restor(y)ation of Andean Culture," MATC. (2014) Susan Finque Critical Theory
"Awe and Wonder Putting on a Show: The Anitkythera Mechanism and the Look of the 1st Century B.C.E.," MATC. (2014) Sarah Marsh Critical Theory
"The Behzti Riot: Revising the Narrative of Post-Wold War II Radical Theatre in Biew of Non-Leftist Performance," MATC. (2014) Stefka Mihaylova Critical Theory