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Study Abroad

Interested in seeing the world, making a difference, and exploring other cultures?

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding and enlightening experiences of your education. Opportunities can range from three weeks to a quarter to even a year or more.

Immerse yourself in one of the world's largest theatre festivals in Edinburgh, Scotland, or study cities and civic identity in Rome, Italy. No matter where you go, your study abroad experience is sure to enrich you as a scholar, artist, and human being.


Drama Scotland: Theatrical Futures - The Edinburgh Festival

Summer B-Term 2021

Drama 396, 12 credits VLPA

Applications are now open until February 15, 2021. The application can be found here.

Program Description

This unique study abroad program offers qualified students an immersive 12 credit theatre studies experience. Since 1947, the Edinburgh Festivals (International, Fringe, Book, Music) has grown into the largest and most prestigious performing arts festival in the world. Its global appeal allows students to study the latest trends in theatrical performance during a four-week period. With over 2,500 performers and 250,000 visitors each year, the Edinburgh Festivals are a celebration of culture, art and performance hosted by one of Europe's great historical cities. The class lives in a three story flat situated in the middle of the city, within easy walking distance of most festival venues. Students create a community that lives, studies and shares experiences together that it is the centerpiece of this program. During class time, we'll meet and discuss not only dramatic literature and its adaptation in performance, but also devised theatre, histories of the production companies we'll be seeing, and theoretical approaches to watching performance on a global scene as part of an international touristic experience. Students will view over 30 shows during their course of study, and participate in a weekend excursion to historical and cultural destinations in Scotland. Regular classes, master classes and seminars with guest artists will round out the program. These experiences comprise a "lab" portion of the program, in which we'll be working through some of the ideas we talk about in class by watching many, many performances, including full-length shows by high-profile theatre companies and shorter, original works and dramatic adaptations at the fringe. The field excursion to the Highlands is part of this second part, as well.

Program Leadership

Bridget Connors (Associate Teaching Professor, Voice, Speech, and Dialect, School of Drama)

Scott Magelssen (Head of History, Theory, and Criticism, Undergraduate Coordinator Professor, Theatre History, and Donal E. Petersen Fellow, School of Drama) 

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Scott Magelssen at,

Staging the City: Performance, Power, and Identity in Rome from Empire to Mussolini

Early Fall Start 2021
Honors 370/Drama 494, 5 credits

Using the city of Rome and 2000 years of performance traditions, literature, painting, and architecture, this inter-active, inter-disciplinary humanities course considers a single site:  Rome, and how Rome fashioned and re-fashioned its own charismatic image of imperial and cultural power first as the heart of the Roman Empire, then as the capital of Christiandom, later as a city of Papal Princes, the epicenter of high culture on any European tour, and finally Mussolini’s restoration of Empire. How Rome created its unique, charismatic position in European history is largely a product of its own self-promotion.  Rome the city invented Rome the idea, and those acts of invention can be read as a powerful performance of civic identity.

Combining tours of the city’s own treasury of art and architecture with readings about its past, we explore Rome as the center of power and culture across the ages. To study the city, we stand at the sites of power, feet in the present, the past at our reach.

Program Leadership
Odai Johnson, Professor of Theatre History, Theory, and Criticism, School of Drama

Applications for this program will open soon. In the meantime, if you would like more information, please contact Professor Odai Johnson at