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Administrative Policy Memo 13

Issued June, 2004
Revised December 2017

Undergraduate Theater Society (UTS)

Memo No. 13
Issued June, 2004
Revised December 2017


This document was created to enhance the mutually supportive relationship between the School of Drama and the Undergraduate Theater Society (UTS).

The Undergraduate Theater Society Will Provide the School of Drama:

  • Production opportunities for undergraduates.  This will include a commitment to obtain rights for all of the productions supported by UTS.
  • An opportunity for students to learn about how to produce theatre.
  • Leadership opportunities for students.
  • Maintenance of a production calendar listing student productions.
  • A theatre resource website.
  • A UTS Executive Board member to care for the technical equipment in the Cabaret while in use by UTS, working with the School of Drama liaison staff member.[1] 
  • A commitment to put 100% of UTS profits to student productions and the Cabaret space.
  • An annual report of expenditures for funds provided by the School.

The School of Drama will provide The Undergraduate Theater Society (UTS):

  • Use of the Cabaret Theatre - Hutchinson 205 - (including Greenroom and Booth) and all of its equipment after 5 p.m. five weeks of every quarter as per the agreement below.
  • Storage space in the Cabaret and the HUT 208 “loft” area.
  • Space to post a bulletin board.
  • Maintenance of Cabaret space and equipment per use of space agreement.[2] 
  • Encouragement to faculty, staff and students to support UTS, UTS staff, and UTS productions.
  • Funds to be used at the discretion of the BA Program Head to support and enrich both the BA program and UTS.
    • $400 per year from the Goldblatt Endowed Fund.
    • $300 per year from Friends of Drama.

Agreement for use of the Cabaret Theatre:

  • UTS will collaborate with the School of Drama through the General Manager for Production to schedule the UTS productions. Scheduling will take place at least one quarter in advance.
  • The Undergraduate Theater Society will have use of the Cabaret Theatre five weeks of every academic quarter (fall through spring). These five weeks may be broken up into any amount of sections, as long as a continuous three-week section is open for other productions.
  • The remaining weeks will be made available for other School of Drama production opportunities.
  • All other productions and/or use of space will be determined in consultation with BA area heads.
  • The last week of the quarter and finals week will be open for student use as rehearsal and performance space for class projects unless otherwise agreed upon by both the School of Drama and UTS. 
  • Non-UTS productions will have access to School of Drama owned rehearsal and performance set pieces in the Cabaret (i.e., black kit furniture), the Cabaret space, Greenroom (not office), and Booth (not including UTS prop storage area). The School of Drama will provide these outside productions a copy of all Cabaret rules and a technical information packet of information detailing what is available for use in the Cabaret, as well as all safety and technical “how-to” manuals.

There is a School of Drama staff liaison who oversees the maintenance and care of the Cabaret space. This person will work with the UTS technical director on the use of all technical equipment, props, sets and costume storage and use. The UTS technical director will report to both UTS and the School of Drama  about issues concerning the Cabaret and its equipment.


Administrative Policy Memo Number 13 (PM8213), first established June, 2004
Subsequent Revisions:  9/13, 12/17
Executive Committee approval: June 2, 2004, 12/6/2017
Faculty approval: 6/7/04, 11/13/2013, 12/14/2017