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Production Policy Memo 3

Revised June, 1996

Physical Plant Maintenance and Housekeeping


It is essential that every member of the School of Drama community (faculty, staff, and students) show concern and responsibility for maintaining the appearance of the facilities under administrative control of the School. All persons are expected to report observed damage to buildings, broken or non-serviceable classroom equipment or theatre equipment, and any other signs of deterioration or gross abuse of property and equipment. Reports should be made to the academic or production office.


No Smoking is allowed in any of the School's facilities or vehicles. Violation of this policy will result in revocation of the privilege of using School of Drama facilities. If smoking is a part of a production, the Production office will deal with securing and providing the necessary approvals.


Directors and Designers wishing to include the auditorium or theatre foyer in the aesthetics of the production concept must secure approval from the Production Manager before proceeding to attach anything to the physical structure or placing any objects in the auditorium or foyer. The long term maintenance of the theatres in relation to the public image is an important factor in deciding whether to approve such requests. Complete details of what is being proposed must be presented during the early planning stages of production.

Properties and Rehearsal Costumes

Rehearsal properties and costumes for official productions should be stored in the storage cabinets provided in the rehearsal spaces specifically for the use of the Stage Manager. Certain rooms are constantly used as studio-classrooms. Any clutter or rehearsal properties, furniture, or costumes other than the "blocks" and the writing-arm chairs allocated to those rooms seriously restricts class use of the space. Rehearsal spaces and stages used during the pre-tech rehearsal process must be left by the Stage Manager in a neat, safe condition appropriate to the other class, rehearsal, or construction events schedule in that space.


Production Policy Memo No.4, first established October, 1986
Subsequent revisions: June 1996
Executive Committee Approval: May 21, 1996
Faculty Approval: 6/3/96