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People - Full Directory

Name Title Email / Phone Office Hours
Alm, Geoffrey Part-time Lecturer, Combat Training gbald@juno.com
Bach, Annenelia Administrator abach3@uw.edu
Bai, Minki Professional Actor Training Program minkibai@uw.edu
Bounds, Mackenzie PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies mbounds@uw.edu HUT 301
Drama 201-A: T/TH @10-11AM via Zoom; link in Syllabus
Boyle, Eloise Undergraduate Advisor dramaadv@uw.edu
Monday and Friday: 9:00 - 2:00; Tuesday and Wednesday: 11:00 - 4:00
Braun, Kwame Associate Teaching Professor, Film nkwameb@uw.edu Hutchinson 174
MW 2:3-3:00 in HUT 155, or by appointment on Zoom or phone. Email to schedule.
Bush, Andrea Property Master andreabb@uw.edu
Scene Shop, University Way
Chiro, SJ Part-time Lecturer, Acting
Clark, Courtney Director of Engagement cclark75@uw.edu
HUT 112B
Connors, Bridget Associate Teaching Professor, Voice, Speech, and Dialects connorsb@uw.edu
Culver, Deja Professional Actor Training Program dejamonetculver@gmail.com
Curtis-Newton, Valerie Head of Directing and Playwriting, Professor, Directing and Acting valcn@uw.edu
HUT 110
Danilchik, Alex Shop Manager alexd@uw.edu
Scene Shop, University Way
Dauber, An-lin Assistant Professor in Costume Design adauber@uw.edu HUT 174
By appointment
Dogg, M.L. Assistant Professor of Sound Design mld321@uw.edu CDH 524
Spring '24, Monday 2.30-3.30p or by appointment
Drummond, Kate MFA in Directing
Du, Duma MFA in Scenic Design
Elder, Landon MFA in Lighting Design lkelder@uw.edu
Farooqi, Amna PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies HUT 301
T/TH 1:30-2:20pm via Zoom or by appointment
Farwell-Moreland, Elisabeth Part-time Lecturer, Stage Management 206-443-2210
Fernandez, Jerik Professional Actor Training Program
Fernandi, Natalie Administrative Assistant nof@uw.edu
CDH 312
Monday: 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, Wednesday: 8am-12pm, and Friday 8am-12pm
Fracé, Jeffrey Head of Acting, Associate Professor, Acting, Movement, and Devising Performance fracej@uw.edu
HUT 217
By appointment
Franz-Knight, Kira Part-time Lecturer, History of Styles
German, Ricky Costume Shop Manager ragerman@uw.edu
HUT 137
9-6 Daily
Gonzales, Adriana Professional Actor Training Program agonza20@uw.edu
Gonzalez, Betzabeth Professional Actor Training Program betzag@uw.edu
Gurdine Thornberry, Megan Graduate Program Advisor, Curriculum & Time Schedule Coordinator mgurdine@uw.edu
CDH (Condon Hall) 310
Monday: 8:30-11:30a & 1-5p, Tuesday: 1-5p, Wednesday: 8:30a-12p, Thursday (REMOTE): 8:30a-12p, Friday: 8:30a-2p
Hafso, Scott Associate Teaching Professor, Speech and Singing shafso@uw.edu
Hager, Kirsten Costumer Specialist kirsthm1@uw.edu
HUT 135
Henderson, Hailey Part-time Lecturer, Actor and Teaching Artist, MFA, Acting
Herren, Rachael PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies
Jenkins, Jesimiel Professional Actor Training Program jesimiel.jenkins@gmail.com
Jocom, Miguel Marketing & PR Coordinator - Workstudy Student jocomj@uw.edu
CDH 316
Tuesday - 8am to 2pm, Thursday: 9am to 2pm, Friday - 10am to 2pm
Johnson, Odai Professor, Theatre History odai@uw.edu
HUT 109
Jones, Danny Part-time Lecturer, Acting dannyjo@uw.edu CDH 522
Kim, Yeonshin Professional Actor Training Program
Kitchens, Kelly Part-time Lecturer, Directing
Kleinpeter, Marena Professional Actor Training Program
Korf, Geoff Executive Director, Professor, Lighting Design, Floyd U. Jones Family Endowed Chair gkorf@uw.edu
HUT 103
Kravtsova, Olga Professional Actor Training Program ok5034375465@gmail.com
Larson, Jeff Production Manager, Part-time Lecturer, Design jlars1@uw.edu
CDH 338
Law, Jennifer Scenic Artist jlaw2@uw.edu
Long, Hillary Constituent Relations Officer hklong@uw.edu
HUT 112C
Lootens, Ian Stage Technician ianl4@uw.edu
Scene Shop
Lynch, Thomas Professor Emeritus, Scenic Design tplynch@uw.edu
Mackey, Adrienne Assistant Professor, Acting, Directing & Devising amackey1@uw.edu Hutchinson 213
By appointment. EMAIL TO SCHEDULE
Madden, Cathy Teaching Professor, Alexander Technique camadden@uw.edu
HUT 215A
Magelssen, Scott Head of Theatre History and Performance Studies, Undergraduate Coordinator, Professor, Theatre History, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor magelss@uw.edu HUT 107
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm
Mahmoud, Jasmine Assistant Professor of Theatre History and Performance Studies jmahmo@uw.edu HUT 104
by appointment
McAleer, Jay Master Electrician jmcaleer@uw.edu
Scene Shop, University Way
McIntyre, Kaytlin Part-time Lecturer, Acting
McWilliams-Woods, Taylor Professional Actor Training Program tmcwoods@uw.edu
CDH 612
by appointment
Merhi, Mona PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies monamer@uw.edu Hutchinson Hall, 301
By appointment only
Mihaylova, Stefka Associate Professor, Theatre Theory and Criticism stefkam@uw.edu
HUT 112C
Montgomery, Anita Part Time Lecturer, Directing and Dramaturgy
Morden, Nic Professional Actor Training Program nicmorden@gmail.com
Nerbonne, Erica PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies nerbonen@uw.edu
O' Leary, Nick MFA in Directing njoleary@uw.edu
Okpala, Chinelo Professional Actor Training Program clokpala@gmail.com
Platt, Myra Part-time Lecturer, Theatre for Youth myrap2@uw.edu
By appointment
Rahmanzaei, Julia Professional Actor Training Program mozhde.rahmanii@gmail.com
Reay, Chris Part-time Lecturer, Drafting
Riley, Maeve PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies mriley27@uw.edu CDH622
Thursdays 10-11AM in CDH 622, or by appointment on Zoom
Rizzardi, Jonathan PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies rizzardi@uw.edu
Rogus, Amanda PhD in Theatre History and Criticism arogus@uw.edu
(412) 527-8887
In Process of Moving to Condon Hall
By Appointment
Roscoe, Carol Part-time Lecturer, Acting
Sawitzki, Patrick Fiscal Specialist sawitski@uw.edu
CDH 334
Shahn, Judith Senior Lecturer Emerita jshahn@uw.edu
Skorstad, Deborah Costumer Lead drs4@uw.edu
Costume Shop, Hutchinson Hall
Smith, Andrew D. Head of Design and Production, Lecturer, Lighting Design ads7@uw.edu
Hut 104B
Mondays 10am-12pm: https://washington.zoom.us/j/96074968739
Staven, Sara Stage Technician sastaven@uw.edu
3941 University Way
Sullivan, Madison Fine and Performing Arts Librarian madds@uw.edu
Art Library, 101 Art Building, Box 353440
By appointment: https://uw.libcal.com/appointments/art
Thomas, Haley Program Coordinator of Production and Facilities haley428@uw.edu
Condon Hall 338
Monday - Thursday: 8am-4:30pm Friday: Out
Thone, Amy Part-time Lecturer, Acting elkbase@msn.com HUT 213
By appointment
Torrez, Antonio MFA in Costume Design
Tourniaire, Guillaume PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies guillt@uw.edu
Tracy Ballon, Tres Master Carpenter ttracy@uw.edu
Scene Shop, University Way
Trainor, Sebastian "Zip" PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies
Trout, Deborah Professor Emeritus, Costume Design dtrout@uw.edu
Villiers, Eric PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies evillier@uw.edu Tuesdays, 2:00pm-3:00pm (via Zoom)
Walsh, Sara Assistant Professor in Scenic Design swalsh1@uw.edu CDH 514
Wang, Sebastian Professional Actor Training Program ywang815@uw.edu
Wighs, Robert PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies rlwighs@uw.edu
Witmer, Rob Part-time Lecturer, Sound Design rwitmer@uw.edu
Wrenn, Bradley Part-time Lecturer, Acting bwrenn@uw.edu
Yeboah, Nikki Assistant Professor of Playwriting nyeboa@uw.edu
Younkins, Steve Sound Technician syounk@uw.edu
3941 University Way
Yu, Xiaoyan MFA in Costume Design yan28@uw.edu Hutch 172

In Memoriam

Name Title
Sarah Bryant-Bertail Bryant-Bertail, Sarah Associate Professor Emerita
Skip Mercier Mercier, Skip In Memoriam: Teaching Professor, Scenic and Costume Design
Lynn Shelton Headshot Shelton, Lynn Director, Filmmaker, BA. Drama
a photo of Dawn Wells Wells, Dawn BA, Drama
Witham, Barry Professor Emeritus, Theater History