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Name Title Email / Phone Office Hours
., MuTTT Stage tech - sound
Alm, Geoffrey Part-time Lecturer, Combat Training
Arsenault, Holly Director of Engagement & Public Information Officer Hut 104B
Mon - Thu 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Bounds, Mackenzie PhD
Boyle, Eloise Undergraduate Advisor
HUT 129
MTTh: 9 - 2, W 11- 4 Advising sessions by appointment, on phone or Zoom. Email to schedule
Braun, Kwame Associate Teaching Professor, Film Hutchinson 174
MW 9:00-9:30 & 11:30-noon on Zoom, or by appointment on Zoom or phone. Email to schedule
Brown, Malcolm Program Coordinator
Bruns, Sue Graduate Adviser, Time Schedule/Curriculum Coordinator
Administrative Offices, Hutchinson Hall
Monday-Friday, 7:45-noon, 1-4:45pm
Bryant, Nick Professional Actor Training Program
Budraitis, Paul Part-time Lecturer, Acting T, Th 1:00‐ 2:00; by Appt
Bush, Andrea Property Master
Scene Shop, University Way
Connors, Bridget Associate Teaching Professor, Voice, Speech, and Dialects
Coopman, Andrew MFA Directing Hutchison Hall
By Appointment
Curtis-Newton, Valerie Head of Directing and Playwriting, Professor, Directing and Acting
HUT 110
Danilchik, Alex Shop Manager
Scene Shop, University Way
Eckard, Jason PhD Program HUT 301
Spring 2016: By appointment
Eitemiller, Ruth COVID Supervisor
Ellis, Sunam Part-time Lecturer, Acting Mondays 2:00pm-3:00pm
Everstijn, Marcos Stage Technician
Farwell-Moreland, Elisabeth Part-time Lecturer, Stage Management 206-443-2210
Fracé, Jeffrey Head of Acting, Associate Professor, Acting, Movement, and Devising Performance
HUT 217
By appointment
Franz-Knight, Kira Part-time Lecturer, History of Styles
Gastelum, Ryan Production Manager By appointment
German, Ricky Costume Shop Manager HUT 137
9-6 Daily
Gile, Jenni MFA in Costume Design
Hafso, Scott Associate Teaching Professor, Speech and Singing
Hahn, Gretchen Professional Actor Training Program
Heiner, Cate PhD Program By appointment
Hofgren, Alice PhD program
Holman, Asialani Professional Actor Training Program
Jacobsen, John Part-time Lecturer, Acting for the Camera
By appointment
Jenkins, Mark Professor Emeritus, Acting
Johnson, Odai Professor, Theatre History
HUT 109
King, Libby Assistant Professor, Acting, Directing & Devising
Kitchens, Kelly Part-time Lecturer, Directing
Korf, Geoff Executive Director, Professor, Lighting Design, Floyd U. Jones Family Endowed Chair
HUT 106
Law, Jennifer Scenic Artist
Lee, Kuan Ying MFA Costume Design
Legate, Joshua MFA Lighting Design
Li, Weiyu PhD program
Li, Xiaoou MFA in Lighting Design
Lootens, Ian Stage Technician Scene Shop
Mackey, Adrienne Assistant Professor, Acting, Directing & Devising
Madden, Cathy Teaching Professor, Alexander Technique
HUT 215A
Magelssen, Scott Head of History, Theory, and Criticism, Undergraduate Coordinator, Professor, Theatre History, Donald E. Petersen Fellow HUT 107
11:30am - 12:30pm MW or by appointment
Martel, Iveliz Professional Actor Training Program
Matthews, Erica Professional Actor Training Program
Mayse, Val Costumer Lead
Costume Shop, Hutchinson Hall
By appointment
McAleer, Jay Master Electrician
Scene Shop, University Way
Merhi, Mona PhD Program Hutchinson Hall, 301
By appointment only
Mihaylova, Stefka Assistant Professor, Theatre Theory and Criticism
HUT 112C
Mitchell, Antonio Professional Actor Training Program
Monson, Duygu PhD Program
Montgomery, Anita Part Time Lecturer, Directing and Dramaturgy
Moreno Caycho, Jessica MFA Costume Design
Nichols, Jane Part-time Lecturer, Clown, Physical Theatre, Games
Ogarro, Maritza M. Administrative Assistant
HUT 101
Okech, Esther Professional Actor Training Program
Park, Koo Professional Actor Training Program
Platt, Myra Part-time Lecturer, Theatre for Youth
By appointment
Post Wallace, Kristie MFA Directing
Pratt, Miranda Assistant Production Manager
By appointment
Reay, Chris Part-time Lecturer, Drafting
Rensel, Caroline Constituent Relations Officer
HUT 112B
By appointment, please email - generally available 9-5 Mon-Fri
Riel, Brandon MFA in Scenic Design
Rizzardi, Jonathan PhD program HUT 301
M/Th 1:00-2:00pm or by appointment
Rodriguez, Andres Professional Actor Training Program
Roscoe, Carol Part-time Lecturer, Acting
Rountree, Amanda MFA in Directing
Salazar, Carlos PhD program
Sanchez, Martin MFA in Costume Design
Shahn, Judith Senior Lecturer Emerita
Shantz, Gretchen Computing Specialist
Hutchinson Hall, main office
Monday 8 - Noon, Wednesday & Thursday 8:30 - 5 pm
Shao, Chih-Hung MFA Lighting Design
Skorstad, Deborah Costumer Lead
Costume Shop, Hutchinson Hall
Smith, Andrew D. Lecturer, Lighting Design
Hut 168
Mondays 3-5pm:
Stone, Emily Professional Actor Training Program
Straus, Matt PhD Program
Sullivan, Madison Fine and Performing Arts Librarian
Art Library, 101 Art Building, Box 353440
By appointment:
Sweeney, Joellen Professional Actor Training Program
Swenson, Tina Administrator
Hutchinson 105A
Available Monday thru Friday between 8am - 5pm. Working remotely during Autumn Quarter 2020. Use email for a quicker response.
Teague, Michael MFA in Scenic Design
Thone, Amy Part-time Lecturer, Acting HUT 213
By appointment
Totzke, Tamin Part-time Lecturer, Somatic Practice
Tourniaire, Guillaume PhD Program
Tracy Ballon, Tres Master Carpenter
Scene Shop, University Way
Trainor, Sebastian "Zip" PhD Program
Treviño, Jason Professional Actor Training Program
Trimbur, Gabriel Professional Actor Training Program
Trout, Deborah Head of Design and Production, Professor, Costume Design, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professsor
HUT 135
Tschirgi, Christine Part-time Lecturer, Design
Twaddle, Jordan MFA Scenic Design
Venters, Scott PhD Program HUT 301
Vetter, Erika Professional Actor Training Program HUT 163
Thurs. 12:30-1:30pm
Viharo, Monica Cortes PhD Program
Villiers, Eric PhD
Walker, Amber Professional Actor Training Program
Welch, Julia Hayes Part-time Lecturer, Scenic Design By appointment
Wighs, Robert PhD Program
Williams, Jarron Professional Actor Training Program
Witham, Barry Professor Emeritus, Theater History HUT 215
Witmer, Rob Part-time Lecturer, Sound Design
Wong, Carey Part-time Lecturer, Design By appointment
Wrenn, Bradley Part-time Lecturer, Acting
Yin, Shuo Part-time Lecturer, Figure Drawing
Zimmerman, Shadow PhD program HUT 301
W/F 11:15-12:15 via Zoom

In Memoriam

Name Title
Sarah Bryant-Bertail Bryant-Bertail, Sarah Associate Professor Emerita
Skip Mercier Mercier, Skip Teaching Professor, Scenic and Costume Design
Lynn Shelton Headshot Shelton, Lynn BA Drama
a photo of Dawn Wells Wells, Dawn BA Drama