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Production Policy Memo 8

Revised October 2016


Drama majors exclusively are able to get a Majors Card which entitles you to 1 admission for each Drama show (musical excluded). These cards are available in the Advising Office at the beginning of each year or when a student becomes a major. There is a limit of one card per student.

Drama 101 students recieve a 101 card for the quarter they are enrolled. This card enables Drama 101 students to purchase tickets to School of Drama productions at a discount.

A student subscription is also available at UW Arts Ticket Office.

MFA/PhD Students receive a yearly pass that entitles them to 1 ticket for each Drama production; pick up the pass in the Production Office.


Production Policy Memo no. 8, first established before 1985.
Subsequent revisions:  9/85, 7/89, 6/96, 10/16
Executive Committee approval: 10/26/16
Faculty Approval: 10/31/16