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Academic Policy Memo 7

Doctoral Program Language Requirement

The Ph.D. faculty believes strongly in the value of competency in a second, non-English, spoken, written, or manual language.  Competency is defined as ‘the ability to conduct research’ in that language, including in archival or field work.

Competency can be demonstrated by successfully passing an upper level reading course (normally 300 or above) with a grade of at least 3.0, or by private acquisition with testing equivalencies. In exceptional cases, for instance when the language is not taught at the University of Washington, students may demonstrate competence by other means, to be determined on a case-by-cases basis.

For students whose native language is not English, and are not pursuing research in their native language, the above criteria also apply.

This requirement must be completed before the student sits for the General Examination (See Academic Policy Memo No. 6

PM 8207/REV 12-17
Academic Policy Memo Number 7
Subsequent Revisions: 2/91, 9/97, 9/99, 12/17
Executive Committee Approval: 11/30/17
Faculty Approval:12/14/17