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Production Policy Memo 7

Revised June, 1996

Budget Allocation and Scenery Stock

The following policy will govern the allocation of funds for the purchase of specific items as listed:

  1. Consumable props - i.e., cigarettes
    Perishable Props - food, candy, liquids, etc.              Consumable Props
  2. Hand props and set props - i.e. canes
    Eyeglasses, a table service, mantle clock                    Designer Funds - (Costume or Scenery as applicable)
  3. Special make-up - i.e., fluorescent,
    Extensive body painting, prosthetics, etc.                  Costume Designer Funds
  4. Wigs or dye-jobs                                                              Costume Designer Funds
  5. Haircuts                                                                             Costume Designer Funds

The following policy will govern the determination of units or pieces of scenery or stage dressing which are to be saved from a production and added to the scenery stock.

The Scene Shop Manager will make a final determination as to the actual saving of all stock scenery, guided by these criteria:

  1. Available storage space for the unit or piece.
  2. The number, quality and condition of similar items on hand.
  3. Recommendations from design department.


Production Policy Memo #7, first established circa 1970's
Subsequent revisions: August 1983; October 1986
Executive Committee approval: May 21, 1996
Faculty Approval: 6/3/96