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Production Policy Memo 17

Revised June, 1996

Costume Shop Guidelines for Costume Designers and Assistant Designers

Specific staff assignments to particular shows will be made by the staff Costume Director. It is the Designer's responsibility to make the best use of shop time allotted to his or her show.

Always check with the Costume Director regarding use of the shop and/or equipment. This particularly refers to use of racks and fitting rooms.

The Designer should arrange with the Costume Director to have a production conference as outlined in Production Policy Memo #1.

It is the responsibility of the Designer to keep the storage areas and fitting rooms in order and to clean up after him or her self in the costume shop - this includes all work areas. Designers must keep items for their show in the space assigned to them. They must RETURN TO STORAGE ITEMS PULLED AND NOT USED.

Designers are required to attend strike and return all borrowed items.

No stock costumes or accessories may be dyed or altered in any way without the approval of the Faculty Costume Designer or the staff Costume Director.

The Costume Director will issue keys, and specify the date of their return.

It is permissible to work in the evening and on the weekends. However, you will be held responsible for the security of the Costume Shop, and must pick up after yourself.

A sketch for each costume must be reviewed by the Design Advisor prior to the start of construction.

The Costume Shop is responsible ONLY for costumes as specified in the reviewed designs.

The Costume Designer will maintain an up to date expenditure record as specified by the Costume Director. Classes may not be "cut" to attend fittings. If there are scheduling problems, contact the Production Manager.

While handling a budget is considered the Costume Designer's responsibility and part of the educational goal of the project, the Costume Designer will discuss overall use of the budget with both the Design adviser and the Costume Director. ALL expenditures will be discussed with the Costume Director.

Also see Costume Shop handouts, (available in the Costume Shop):
"Guidelines for Designers and Assistant Designers"
"Advice on How to be a Good Assistant"


Production Policy Memo No. 17, first established before 1982
Subsequent revisions 9/82, 9/83, 10/86
Executive Committee approval: May 21, 1996
Faculty approval: 6/3/96