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Production Policy Memo 9

Revised October, 2002

Casting Policy

Because of the multiple missions of the School it is impossible to anticipate every problem and potential exception but in general these are the guidelines by which plays are cast.

I. The School of Drama strives to provide all of its (our) students challenging and significant experiences. We strive to recognize and celebrate the diversity of the student body. Our intent is to allow that diversity to flourish. To that end, the School of Drama adheres to the U.W.’s policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran.

II. School of Drama productions are open to all students (and occasionally to actors from outside the university) with the following exceptions:

  1. At least one play each year will be cast from among B.A. students
  2. Several plays will be selected each year to serve the training needs of the PATP. Casting for these plays may include B.A. students when necessary.
  3. Thesis Productions will be cast primarily from the PATP.


III. All members of the PATP (excluding first year students during Fall quarter) are required to audition and will be cast in roles suitable to their current level of training each quarter. PATP actors may be cast in any production except B.A. shows.

IV. For Directing Workshops and Projects, the directors will make available a synopsis of the play so that students know what roles they are auditioning for. These productions will be cast with BA, PATP and the occasional off campus person.

V. When more than one play in the subscription season is casting at the same time, all the directors will work cooperatively to cast. Casting for the subscription season will be completed each quarter before casting for projects.

VI. The Director of the Undergraduate Program has the right to waive specific requirements associated with casting/audition policies in conjunction with acting courses offered by the School.

VII. It is the general policy of the School that once an actor has successfully auditioned for a role that he/she will accept the part if cast. However, a BA actor may decline a call back by crossing his/her name off the call back list after the general audition session. PATP actors will follow the policy outlined in Academic Policy Memo No. 11.


Production Policy Memo No. 9, first established in 1970s.
Subsequent revisions: Jan. 1977; Aug, 1983; Oct. 1993; Apr. 97, Oct. 02.
Executive Committee approval: 5/28/96, 10/8/02
Faculty Approval 6/3/96, 10/14/02