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Costume Checkout Policy for Students

To check out costumes:

For all class work, workshops, and projects –
The hours for checking out and returning costumes are posted on the door of the costume shop in Hutchinson 135. They change each quarter.  The stock employee is also listed on that posting.  If you come during those hours someone will be available to work with you.  It’s that easy.  If you cannot come during those hours, you can make an appointment directly with the employee by email (checkout@uw.edu)

Some Limitations:
Most of the items in costume storage are available for student use.  Class work should be thought of as being performed in rehearsal clothing with a significant costume piece or element to enhance the work, rather than a fully costumed event.  Student projects or productions that are under agreement with the School of Drama are considered “outside theaters.”  They are under the same borrowing arrangement as for those organizations.

All items must be returned cleaned and in the condition they were borrowed in.  If an item is damaged or broken during your use, there will be a replacement fee.  It’s like a library book.

Certain things are off limits to everyone.  They include anything marked “not for check out, or main stage use only,” make up, facial hair and human hair wigs, period hats boots, and shoes, pocket watches and wedding rings, and leather clothing.

Every item must be returned by the last day of classes each quarter.  Failure to return an item will limit your access to the stock in the future, grades will be held, and a replacement fee assessed.

Administrative Policy Memo #2 and Policy Memo #10 refer to this process.