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Up Next: The Workroom

Submitted by Katrina M Ernst on May 6, 2014 - 12:00am
The Workroom
The Workroom

The Workroom
By Jean-Claude Grumberg
Directed by Andrew Tsao
Previews Wednesday and Thursday, May 28-29
Opening night Friday, May 30
Runs through Sunday, June 8
Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre 

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Jean-Claude Grumberg’s The Workroom is a stunning portrait of two male and six female laborers surviving in Paris after World War II. Little changes in their cramped, airless tailor’s workroom except the fabrics they stitch together. This touching play presents students with an opportunity to broaden their dramatic acting skills as they relay the emotional story of eight survivors desperately trying to sew together the fragments of their severed post-war lives.

A post-show talk will be held on Thursday, June 5.

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