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David Borning (Senior, Drama Design) Awarded First Place in Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Design Competition

Submitted by Sam Read on January 29, 2016 - 3:17pm
First Place Team: Mickey's Magic Garden (Front Row Left to Right)- Geoff Backstrom and Katie Eastman. (Back Row Left to Right) - Courtney Irby and David Borning - ©Disney photo by Gary Krueger.
First Place Team: Mickey's Magic Garden (Front Row Left to Right)- Geoff Backstrom and Katie Eastman. (Back Row Left to Right) - Courtney Irby and David Borning - ©Disney photo by Gary Krueger.

School of Drama senior David Borning’s design team awarded first place in the 2016 Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Design Competition.

From the Walt Disney Imagineering press release:

“First place was awarded to Geoff Backstrom, Katie Eastman and Courtney Irby from Ohio University and David Borning from University of Washington for “Mickey’s Magic Garden,” which uses the concept of a magical dandelion to bring Disney magic to towns across the country.  “Mickey’s Magic Garden” features multiple themed lands, custom designed rides, walk-thru attractions, character greeting experiences, and a wide array of themed dining opportunities.

Second place was awarded to Kevin Chen, Whitney Chen, Kevin Graham and Amy Woon from University of Texas at Austin for “Hueroic,” which takes guests on an unforgettable journey to explore the wonder and beauty of art and imagination. Thrust into a black and white world where colors have never existed, Guests are sent on a race against time to rescue a kingdom and unlock the magic of color, light and inspiration.

Third place was awarded to Simon Park, Kevin Lee, Chandler Williams and Emily Wise from North Carolina State University for “Ostium: An Adventure Behind Every Door,” an expandable, portable experience using interactive media and real world character greeting experiences to allow guests to step into their favorite worlds, inspired by the magical Disney and Pixar stories of The Lion King, Frozen, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo.

 Twenty students from eight universities were finalists in Walt Disney Imagineering’s 25th Imaginations design competition. The finalist teams were selected by Walt Disney Imagineering, the design and development arm of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The top three placed teams are awarded cash prizes, and an additional $1,000 grant is awarded to the first place team, to be equally divided among its sponsoring universities.

The six teams of finalists visited Walt Disney Imagineering’s main campus in Glendale, Calif., from January 25 to 29 to meet and network with Imagineers, go behind the scenes where Disney magic is created, and interview for paid internships during their visit.

A panel of Imagineering judges applied the same criteria to the entries as they would to their own work , including the team’s ability to collaborate across different disciplines and backgrounds; the mastery of their individual skills; whether the project provides an engaging Guest experience; a good understanding of families living in small towns across the country; the ability to tell a compelling and engaging story; and knowledge and passion for the Disney brand and Walt Disney Imagineering. Additionally, the project needed to be unique in that it was not limited to what Guests already experience with traveling fairs in local communities.”

David is currently a senior at the University of Washington majoring in Drama Design and minoring in Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS). He has always had a passion for interactive themed experiences and has been steering his course work successfully in that direction at both the School of Drama and DXARTS. “Ever since my first visit to Disneyland I’ve seen a future in expanding the ability of theme parks and dark rides to create more complex and emotionally moving experiential narratives,” states David. “I hope to be a part of that future.”

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