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Celebrating 20 Years of UTS by Lindsey Crocker, UTS Executive Director 

Submitted by Bobbin Ramsey on March 30, 2017 - 12:47pm
2016-2017 UTS Executive Board
2016-2017 UTS Executive Board

Calling all UTS Alumni!

I am so proud to announce that this season is the Undergraduate Theater Society’s 20th Anniversary, and in honor of this momentous year, we will be throwing an Alumni Fundraiser Gala on Saturday May 6th. This evening is to honor the important contributions all of our members, past and present, have made to UTS, dance and revel in the nostalgia of our memories, and announce our 2017-2018 season. We invite all alumni to come celebrate 20 incredible years of UTS history with us!

For me, this night is extremely exciting because our current students, including myself, will get a chance to meet our alumni, the drama geeks who walked the halls before us. UTS is an ever-changing entity comprised of students who did one show or workshop, to those who spent more time in the Cabaret Theater than they did in their college dorm room. Whether you are part of the former or the latter (or somewhere in between) we would love for you to join us on May 6th. UTS is special because of the number of people who have come through our doors, and contributed to our community in so many different ways. We began when there was an urgent need to give undergraduates in the School of Drama a place to practice their craft, create art, and perform. Though this still rings true today, the beauty of UTS is that it is malleable and ever-changing. With a new board every year, we have the special challenge of making sure both our current and future members will be able to benefit from what UTS has to offer, something that I am proud to say UTS has historically done very well.  

Since this Gala is as much to honor our current students as it is to celebrate our alumni, I want to take a moment to recognize the work our community has been doing this year. Our main focus these past few months has been inclusivity in all aspects of our organization, and making sure that UTS is accessible and welcoming to anyone who wants to participate. As we look forward to our future, whether it be our season next year, or 5 years down the line, we intend to lay the ground work for UTS to become a more inclusive and equitable organization. In this way, UTS is always changing and I invite you to come see for yourself where we are now. Come celebrate our growth as a company, a theater community, and as a group of passionate artists. I mean, let’s be real, don’t you want to see what happened to UTS after you left? What the Cab looks like now? The incredible re-decoration of the lounge? Trust me, you do.

Like many of our alumni, my time with the Undergraduate Theater Society has strongly defined my years at UW. Through being Executive Director, an actor and an audience member I have gained valuable experience and developed skills in arts administration, storytelling and critical thinking. I have learned kindness, empathy and compassion through working long hours on a show that seems like it will never be ready. I have come to understand that late night board meetings go over much better if you bribe people with food. I now appreciate and love the process more than the product. I have learned humility, confidence and to never underestimate the power of a group of students with a tiny budget in a small theater. And though everyone’s time with UTS is unique, I know that many of our alumni have shared and experienced the growth and learning that I (and my fellow UTS members) are currently immersed in. Whether you were a director, designer, stage manager, actor, or board member, I hope that you are able look back on your time with UTS as fondly as you look at your current trophy spouse who is now sponsoring all your artistic endeavors.  But really, I do hope that you will join us on May 6th in celebration of everything that UTS is to this community and the amazing accomplishments we have made over the past 20 years. (And please do bring that spouse who works at Google, because this is a fundraiser and we would appreciate that large donation).

Our entire board has been working very hard to create a special night for everyone. We have been collecting old photos, posters, and memorabilia from the past 20 years to display at the Gala (so get ready, because if you don’t RSVP, we do have prime blackmail material).  The night will also include dancing, a raffle, food and drinks, performances from our current students and alumni, and hopefully you!

Please RSVP to the Facebook event linked below to get updates about the event and be sure to invite all your UTS friends- we need your help spreading the word!

For the event we are currently looking for:

-       Old photos or UTS items that could be displayed

-       Alumni who would be interested in performing at the event. We are hoping to get a few fun scenes, musical or dance numbers from old shows, so if you’re still friends with your cast members and want to take a walk down memory lane let us know!

-       Alumni who want to share stories from their time at UTS

Please email us at in regards to this or any other questions that you may have.


UTS Alumni Gala
Saturday May 6th at 8pm
Cabaret Theater, Hutchinson Hall University of Washington

Link to FB Event: