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Executive Director's Letter - Fall 2022

Submitted by Hillary Long on October 12, 2022 - 12:17pm

Dear Friends of Drama,

In this newsletter you will find links to articles about notable alumni, new faculty, and an introduction to our two newest staff members.  It is exciting and heartwarming to celebrate both the promise and accomplishments of the members of our School of Drama community. One thing that doesn’t often get recognized in newsletters is the day-to-day work of our extraordinary staff.

In this moment where the hardships of the pandemic seem to be receding, let’s take a moment to consider our staff.  These are the people who keep the classrooms running, get the students into their classes and through the program, manage the office and the buildings, promote the shows, promote the student and faculty accomplishments, manage budgets and schedules, build and paint scenery and props, build costumes, install lighting and sound equipment, sell the tickets to shows, provide technical support for critical new technology (e.g. zoom), and do it daily all year long. 

One colleague of mine recently remarked that we haven’t really had a summer for two years.  What they meant was that we haven’t had anything slow down, even in the summer, when most students are away.  For many of our staff, the last few years have been a marathon to keep delivering great instruction to our students in whatever modalities we could offer,

When you next get a season-brochure in the mail or come see a show, I encourage you to take a moment to recognize the team who makes these things happen on behalf of all our students: past, present, and future.