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Celebrating Catherine Madden: Engaging Achievements and Scholarly Contributions!

Submitted by Courtney D Clark on June 28, 2023 - 4:50pm
Cathy Madden

Join us in celebrating the incredible accomplishments of Cathy Madden, an esteemed member of the UW Drama Faculty, as we reflect on her recent successes and scholarly contributions.

Cathy Madden recently captivated audiences as a distinguished speaker at the Northwest Voice Symposium. Her dynamic presentation, "Desire-based warm-ups: making stage fright extinct," left attendees empowered and inspired. We applaud Cathy for sharing her expertise and igniting a passion for performance.

We're excited to announce that Cathy Madden's thought-provoking article, "Integrative Practice and Kindness: NOW 2022 Congress Reflections," has been published in the Congress Papers 2022. This insightful piece explores the transformative power of integrative practices and kindness workshops. Be sure to check it out, available for download and print-on-demand from Amazon.

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