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"Skies Over Seattle" runs June 3-5

Skies Over Seattle examines the nature of the tiny American individual under a vast shared sky—specifically, the sky over the U-District in Seattle. Three world-premiere, student generated performances have evolved out of a year of collaboration and conversation between UW Drama students and three U-District community groups: ROOTS Young Adult Shelter, The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, and Elizabeth Gregory Home.

The performances built for and about these communities are woven together into one installation performance.


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Poster for "Hamlet"

A father murdered. A murderer crowned. After being summoned home for his father's funeral—and his mother's marriage to the new king, Claudius—Prince Hamlet learns there may be foul play involved in the death of the previous king and feigns madness in an effort to delve into the deception shrouding Denmark's throne. However, his quest for truth calls into question two polar identities, leaving him forced to make a choice. Is he the noble prince who does what is best for his country, or the dutiful son who stops at nothing to exact revenge upon his father's killer? Stuck in the center...

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"...And Hilarity Ensues..." cast members. Photo by Mike Hipple.

Plays from the School of Drama’s inaugural 1940-41 season are reimagined in an immersive, multi-media theatre experience. The audience is invited to walk freely through time and space as the historic Penthouse Theatre comes alive.

The Horse in Motion ensemble and UW School of Drama undergraduates have devised an original performance that allows the audience to come face to face with the turbulent past of 20th Century America and how we have taught ourselves to escape. From the Great Depression and Pearl Harbor to the fractured cultural landscape of today, …...

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Nathan Wornian, AJ Friday, and Hazel Lozano discuss logistics for performing their theater piece in a U-District alley.

Skies Over Seattle—a collaborative, student-driven theatre project with community partners in the University Disctrict—is featured in this month's issue of the College of Arts & Sciences Perspectives newsletter. Led by PearlDamour duo Lisa D'Amour and Katie Pearl (BA '96) and Engagement Strategist Ashley Sparks, School of Drama undergraduate and graduate students have been volunteering at three community organizations in the U-District since October 2015: ROOTS Young Adult Shelter, The People's Harm Reduction Alliance, and Elizabeth Gregory Home.

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Desdemona Chiang

Desdemona Chiang (MFA Directing 2009) is featured in the May edition of City Arts Magazine, talking about her theatre roots and upcoming project at this summer's Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she sets Shakespeare's Winter's Tale in both old-world China and new-world America.

From the article: “For me this play is profoundly spiritual,” she says. “To feel healed, to feel restored, to feel complete and whole, not in that happily-ever-after way, but in a way that brings us some degree of peace in a world of suffering. These are things that all people seek, and I think...

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Directing student Malika Oyetimein

Second-year MFA directing student Malika Oyetimein was selected for the City Arts Magazine 2016 Future List.

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Andrew Tsao

from UW Today

by Peter Kelley

Introducing new generations of students to Shakespeare might be less daunting if begun with study of a single, intriguing line, said Andrew Tsao, UW associate professor of drama, at recent workshop for educators on the First Folio at the Seattle Public Library.

The First Folio is the common name for a 1623 volume formally titled “Mr. Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories & Tragedies.” It was the first to preserve such...

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Will Alvin (MFA '09) at work in LA.

Susan Champion (PATP '95) earned her law degree in 2011 and is featured in a documentary film for her work as a lawyer for The Stanford Justice Advocacy Project (formerly the Three Strikes Project). "The Return" will have its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival.

J Jha (PATP '14) is currently playing in Rickshaw Girl at Bay...

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The Secretaries, show poster

Patty Johnson, a new secretary at Cooney Lumber Mill, is a little overqualified and a little concerned. What's up with this mandatory Slim Fast Diet? Where do these women get their lumberjack jackets? And what is happening to all of the attractive lumberjacks!? Discover with Patty the truth of femininity in this satirical comedy about gender norms, sexuality, and empowerment.

The Secretaries
by The Five Lesbian Brothers
directed by Alyssa Karounos
April 21–May 1

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MFA director Malika Oyetimein stages Kia Corthron’s explosive socio-political drama about three generations of African American police officers torn apart by the very organization to which they have dedicated their loyalty and working lives. Corthron tells an unflinching and deeply felt story of tragically flawed human beings trying to do the right thing in difficult circumstances and getting it very, very wrong. As timely now as it was when first produced in 2001, Force Continuum stands as a potent theatrical criticism of modern day police brutality and the relationship...

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