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Transfer Students

Drama graduation 2019 | Photo by Logan Guerrero
Drama graduation 2019 | Photo by Logan Guerrero

Join our community! We welcome transfer students, and have designed our major so that it is possible for students entering UW with an AA degree to complete the Drama BA in two years. 


Are you an audition-based major?
No. Any UW student can declare a Drama major after completing DRAMA 201 (Plays and Styles).

Will Drama give me credit for theatre classes that I took before entering UW?
Maybe. Once you have been admitted to UW, the School of Drama will review your transcript to determine whether you any of the courses you have already taken can be counted toward your major. In most cases we will need to evaluate the syllabus of any course you are hoping to receive credit for. 

How many Drama majors are there?
We are currently home to just over 100 majors, minors, and premajors, which means we offer a close-knit community within the context of a large university. We are also home to about 45 MFA and PhD students.

Can I double major?
Yes, Drama is a "double-friendly" major. About 40 percent of our students double major in subjects as diverse as business, biology, and communication. However, double-majoring as a transfer student might present additional challenges, as you have fewer years to fit in all of your coursework. Be sure to check in with the advisors in both departments that you are considering before declaring your double major. 

Can I minor in Drama?
Yes, we currently offer 25-credit minors in acting, performance studies, and design for performance. Check the minors page for more details.

Will I get to work on shows?
Yes! Making theatre is a crucial part of learning theatre. Whether you are interested in acting, directing, stage management, design, dramaturgy, or technical theatre, you will have opportunities to participate in productions during your time here.

Do you offer study abroad?
We do! Our recent study abroad opportunities have included a quarter in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Edinburgh Festivals, and a quarter studying performance in Rome, Italy. 


1. Apply to the University of Washington. For information and deadlines, visit
2. Once accepted to UW, make an appointment with Eloise Boyle, the School of Drama's undergraduate advisor. You can reach Eloise at or by calling 206.543.4204. Eloise will help you review your transcript and determine whether any of your previous coursework can be applied toward your Drama major.
3. Complete Drama 201. Unless your previous coursework is determined to satisfy this requirement, you will need to take Drama 201 (Plays and Styles) before declaring your Drama major. 
4. Declare your major! 

For more information about transferring to UW, visit UW's Transfer Student Portal