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Costume Shop Loan Policy: Outside Organizations

The principle purpose of the University of Washington Costume Stock is to aid in the productions of the School of Drama and its classes. Other organizations and individuals will be considered if they fulfill the School of Drama requirements.  The accommodation of other organizations and individuals should be arranged around the need and schedule of the School of Drama productions and classes.

Organizations requesting access to the Costume Stock must be in a reciprocal relationship with the School of Drama.  They must retain a usable stock of costumes and/or items, which will be available for use of the University of Washington School of Drama.   Also, they must show that the organization will have a permanent individual who will maintain the items during the loan period and will be responsible for their return.

If there are any questions about these requirements the School of Drama reserves the right to deny access of the costume stock.

Guidelines for loans

All loans must be coordinated through the Costume Shop Supervisor.

Certain item within the costume stock is unavailable for loans.  These items include:

  • All footwear
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Corsets
  • Wigs
  • Men’s dress and formal shirts
  • Formal wear-frock coats, tail coats, cutaway coats, striped trousers, formal vests
  • Antique clothing
  • All items designated “Not For Check Out”

All garments must be returned cleaned.

No item is to be cut, dyed, painted, glued, or otherwise altered without the permission of the University of Washington Costume Shop Supervisor.

All items must be returned in the condition that they were borrowed.  Trim and accessories should be replaced. Items on plastic hangers will not be accepted.

Any lost or damaged items must be replaced or the borrower will be billed for the replacement value.  The University of Washington Costume Shop Supervisor determines this value.