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Leah Adcock-Starr (MFA '15) directs an all-female Hamlet

Submitted by Katrina M Ernst on May 21, 2015 - 3:56pm

Leah Adcock-Starr directed her thesis show Twelfth Night, defended, and completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Directing this past winter quarter, and then jetted off to Minneapolis, where she is currently directing a production of Hamlet with Theatre Unbound, featuring an all-female cast.

Leah was recently interviewed by Minneapolis Connected. In the article, she continues to answer the question "Why Shakespeare?"

“There’s something for me that’s really powerful as a feisty feminist theater-maker, that I’m going to take the most iconic old dead white guy playwright, and I’m going to say we’ve done something wrong to this playwright. And actually we’re going to break open these plays and recognize the power they have. Somehow when you take an icon and you shake it up a little bit it seems to matter more, or you put all women in the play and you see how that unearths or opens up the play and helps to break down some of our assumptions.”

Read the entire article online. And if you're in the area, check out Theatre Unbound's Hamlet, running through May 31. 

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