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The Two-Character Play by Tennessee Williams  Directed by L. Zane Jones   ~  CIVIC REP at New City Theater

Robin Jones as Claire and Sam Read as Felice
The Two-Character Play. Civic Rep at the New City Theatre. July 10-August 1, 2015

Tennessee Williams' bold, dangerous drama The Two-Character Play follows the journey of Clare and Felice, sibling actors with a questionable grasp on reality. Trapped in a theatre on the day of a performance, they find themselves abandoned by their theatre troupe and forced to perform in front of a hostile audience.  As they get lost in the play, they begin to rewrite the script in an attempt to face their demons and make sense of their lives.

"I think it is my most beautiful play since Streetcar, and I've never stopped working on it. I think it's a major work. It is a cri de coeur, but then all creative work, all life, in a sense is a cri de coeur."       - Tennessee Williams

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