The Pinter Festival, ACT Theatre
Berkeley Rep
Old Hats
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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
La Traviata  (2017) Geoffrey Alm Combat Training
as one As One (2016) L. Zane Jones Directing, Opera
The Life Model The Life Model (2016) Jeffrey Fracé Acting, Directing
Wedding Band (2016) Valerie Curtis-Newton Directing
Trouble in Mind (2016) Valerie Curtis-Newton Directing
The Christians (2016) Tim Bond Directing
To Kill A Mockingbird (2016) Tim Bond Directing
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  (2016) Geoffrey Alm Combat Training
Romeo and Juliet (2016) Geoffrey Alm Combat Training
Dangerous Liaisons (2016) Geoffrey Alm Combat Training
Man of La Mancha  (2016) Geoffrey Alm Combat Training
mr burns Mr. Burns (2015) Geoff Korf, Deborah Trout Costumes, Design, Lighting
american dream An American Dream  (2015) Deborah Trout Costumes, Design, History
set design Head of Passes (2015) Skip Mercier Design, Scenery
Lighting Design: Peter and the Starcatcher, ZACH Theatre (2015) Matthew Webb Design, Lighting
A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams  Directed by L. Zane Jones  ~ CIVIC REP at New City Theatre (2015) L. Zane Jones 20th Century, Acting, Directing
mendieta Choreographic works  (2014) Wilson Mendieta Choreography, Dance
Conni Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant  (2014) Jeffrey Fracé Acting
A Room with a View, Fifth Avenue Theatre, Dialect Coach   (2014) Judith Shahn Dialects, Musical Theater, Voice
Costume design, A Room with a View, 5th Avenue Theatre (2014) Deborah Trout Costumes
Lucia Neare Theatrical Wonders (2014) Cathy Madden Acting, Dance, Music
Murder in the Cathedral (2014) Directing
aiwl Alice in Wonderland  (2013) Skip Mercier Costumes, Design, Scenery
Andrew Tsao, Backstory, The Filmmakers' Vision UWTV (2013) Film/Cinema
Trouble In Mind (2013) Andrew D. Smith 20th Century, African American, Design, Lighting