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David Armstrong
Affiliate Instructor
Catherine Cole
Divisional Dean of the Arts / Professor, Dramatic Theory, History, and Criticism
Andrew Coopman
MFA Directing
Jon Diaz
Professional Actor Training Program
Headshot of Christopher Goodson.
Cornish College of the Arts
Alice Hofgren
PhD program
Odai Johnson
Head of Theatre History, Theory, and Criticism / Professor, Theatre History
Bahar Karlıdağ
PhD Program
Shelby Lunderman
PhD program
Scott Magelssen, in the Space Shuttle simulator at the Museum of Flight
Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies / Associate Professor, Theatre History / Donald E. Petersen Fellow
Stefka Mihaylova
Assistant Professor, Theatre Theory and Criticism
Thomas Postlewait
Affiliate Professor, Theater History
Jonathan Rizzardi
PhD program
PhD Program
Guillaume Tourniaire
PhD Program
Photo of Monica Viharo.
PhD Program
Photo of Robert Wighs.
PhD Program
Professor Emeritus, Theater History
Shadow Zimmerman
PhD program

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