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Mr. Burns

mr burns
Design (2015). Mr. Burns by Anne Washburn. ACT: Seattle, WA.

Deb Trout: Costume Design

Geoff Korf: Lighting Design 

"You know that one episode of The Simpsons ..." 

How many conversations have you been in where someone can always bring it back to The Simpsons ?

The cultural reference point takes it to the next level in this outstanding new play. Hailed by the New York Times as one of the Top Ten Plays of 2013 and “downright brilliant,” Mr. Burns is a post-apocalyptic tale when survivors must begin again and bond together to create a new society. Not Shakespeare. Not Dickens. No, the greatest common cultural icon is the popular “Cape Feare” episode of The Simpsons . This imaginative dark comedy propels us forward nearly a century, following a new civilization stumbling into its future. The New York Times raves, “Anne Washburn’s Mr. Burns, a post-electric play has arrived to leave you dizzy with the scope and dazzle of its ideas.” 


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