Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Brecht between Mediums: Reevaluating Epic Theory in Theatre and Film (2019) Kristin Seifert
Adviser: Stefka Mihaylova
20th Century, Drama, Film/Cinema, German, Theory/Criticism
Christopher  Goodson: Performing Precarity: Experimental Theater, Video, and Live Political Art with Undocumented Immigrants (2017) Christopher Goodson
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
21st Century, Aesthetics, Devised Work, Diaspora Studies, Experimental, Film/Cinema, Latino/a Studies, Performance Studies, Social Justice
Workers' Theatre Movement conventions as shaping/informing conditions in the theatrical collaboration of Joan Littlewood and Ewan MacColl and beyond: in Littlewood's success (2017) Bahar Karlidag
Adviser: Stefka Mihaylova
English, Theater History
Re-story(y)ing Theatre History in the Americas: Professional Players and the Callao Contract of 1599 (2017) Susan Finque
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Latin American
Never Mere Observation: Performance, Technology, and the Act of Looking (2017) Sarah Marsh
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
Drama, Science and Technology, Theater History
Creating a Public: Love Suicide on the Osaka Stage, 1703-1722 (2017) Jyana Browne 18th Century, Drama, Japanese, Theater History
The Anima in Theatre: Animating a Jungian Concept for Devisers, Directors, and Actors (2016) Shadow Zimmerman 20th Century, Acting Pedagogy, Ancient, Dramaturgy, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Masks, Theater History, Theory/Criticism, Tragedy
Master's Thesis (2016) Shelby Lunderman 20th Century, American, Historiography, Social Change, Theater History
Staging Theater to Realize a Nation: The Development of German National Theater in the 18th Century (2016) Elizabeth Coen
Adviser: Odai Johnson
18th Century, Drama, German, Theater History
"University of Washington Students' Work Related to Women of Sand," SW/TX Popular/American Culture. (2014) Critical Theory
“The Reclamation of Angst and Self in These Streets: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story,” University of British Columbia Graduate Symposium. (2014) Christopher Goodson Critical Theory
"The Women of Grunge (Re)membered," MATC. (2014) Christopher Goodson Critical Theory
The Octopus: Becoming Guatemalan in a Home Depot Parking Lot,” ASTR. (2013) Christopher Goodson Critical Theory
"Enacting Engravings: The Pictorial Narrative of Il Pomo d'Oro," MATC. (2013) Elizabeth Coen Critical Theory
"Silencing the Fool: The Hanswurst  Controversy of 18th Century Vienna," ASECS. (2013) Elizabeth Coen Critical Theory
Harlem Holiday: The Cotton Club, 1925-1940 (2013) Adviser: Sarah Bryant-Bertail Drama, Theater History, 20th Century, American, African American
European Modernism and the Resident Theatre Movement: The Transformation of American Theatre between 1950 and 1970 (2013) Adviser: Thomas Postlewait Drama, Theater History, American, Modernism, 20th Century
Permission To Perform: Palestinian Theatre in Jerusalem, 1967-1993 (2013) Samer Al-Saber
Adviser: Thomas Postlewait
Drama, Theater History, 20th Century
Performing an 'Absent' China: Cultural Propaganda in Anti-Communist Taiwan in the 1950's and 1960's (2013) Adviser: Thomas Postlewait Drama, 20th Century
In the Beaten Way of Friendship: Horace Howard Furness, Edwin Booth, and the New Variorum Shakespeare. (2013) Adviser: Thomas Postlewait Drama, Shakespeare, 19th Century, American
Beeston's Boys and Negotiations of Sovereignty in Late Caroline Drama, Master's Thesis, Oklahoma State University, 2012; Maria Beach, Advisor (2012) Scott Venters 16th Century, 17th Century, Drama, English, Popular Culture, Theater History
Essay, "Bir Biçim Polemiği: Fredric Jameson’ın Marksizm ve Form eseri ışığında Brecht-Lukacs tartışması ve Üç Kuruşluk Opera eseri üzerinde bir uygulama.” (2012) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
"Food in  José Cruz Gonzalez’s Calabasas Street," SW/TX Popular/American Culture. (2012) Critical Theory
The Strength of the Few: Dominant and Subdominant in the Poetic Function of Theater (2012) Adviser: Sarah Bryant-Bertail Drama, Theory/Criticism
The Hibernicon and Visions of Returning Home: Popular Entertainment in Irish America from the Civil War to World War I (2012) Michelle Granshaw
Adviser: Barry Witham
Drama, 19th Century, 20th Century, American