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Author/Title Research Type Related Fields
Cate Heiner, Affective Ambiguity: The Specifics of Staging Trauma and Negotiating Empathy Graduate, Dissertations Theory/Criticism, 21st Century, Performance Studies, Social Change
Shadow Zimmerman, Mediating Black Modernisms: Charles S Johnson and His Circle, Printing Opportunity and Performing the New Negro Graduate, Dissertations Theory/Criticism, 20th Century, African American, Popular Culture
Rogus, Amanda M. "Finding the Font of Accessibility: The Ideal Materiality in Pedagogical Formats for Neurodivergent Learners" Capella University - Harold Abel School of Psychology (February 2021) Graduate, Masters Theses 21st Century, Acting Pedagogy
Rogus, Amanda M. "Spatiotemporal Dramaturgy, Dialogic "Imagination to Give them Shape": The Symbiosis of Doubling Types and Bakhtin's Chronotopes" (MFA Thesis - Dramaturgy & Acting Concentration) Graduate, Masters Theses Acting, Dramaturgy, Shakespeare
Duygu Monson, Replacing the Image of the Ottoman Turk: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme and Turquerie as Resistance Graduate, Dissertations Theater History
Carlos Salazar, The Memory of the Islands: Cultural Negotiations and their Remains in (Post)Colonial Costa Rica Graduate, Dissertations Latin American, Postcolonial
Monica Cortes Viharo:  Trauma Drama:  The Translocal Legibility of Trauma and Utopia in Contemporary Feminist Performance Graduate, Dissertations 21st Century, Performance Studies
Scott Venters - The (Im)mediate Animal: An Anti-theatrical History of Interspecies Entanglements in  Enlightenment Transactions, 1640-1800 Graduate, Dissertations 17th Century, 18th Century, English, French
Shelby Lunderman: Cruel and Unusual Performance: (Re)producing Capital Punishment on the U.S. Stage Graduate, Dissertations Theater History, American, Critical Theory, Social Justice
Rogus, Amanda M. “Make Distinction of Our Hands”: A Material Examination of Henslowe’s Diary, A Co-Written Codex" (2019, MLitt Thesis). Graduate, Masters Theses Theater History
Kristin Seifert. "Brecht between Mediums: Reevaluating Epic Theory in Theatre and Film." Diss. U of Washington Graduate, Dissertations Theory/Criticism, 20th Century, Drama, Film/Cinema, German
Jacob Hutchison. "Satirical Activism: Citizenship and satire in 21st century performance." Diss. U of Washington, 2018. Graduate, Dissertations 21st Century, Activist Theater, Drama, Performance Studies
Christopher Goodson - Performing Precarity: Experimental Theater, Video, and Live Political Art with Undocumented Immigrants. Dissertation, University of Washington, 2017. Graduate, Dissertations 21st Century, Aesthetics, Devised Work, Diaspora Studies, Experimental, Film/Cinema, Latino/a Studies, Performance Studies, Social Justice
Bahar Karlidag: "Workers' Theatre Movement conventions as shaping/informing conditions in the theatrical collaboration of Joan Littlewood and Ewan MacColl and beyond: in Littlewood's success". Dissertation, University of Washington, 2017. Graduate, Dissertations English, Theater History
Susan Finque: "Re-story(y)ing Theatre History in the Americas: Professional Players and the Callao Contract of 1599". Dissertation, University of Washington, 2017. Graduate, Dissertations Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Latin American
Jyana Browne. "Creating a Public: Love Suicide on the Osaka Stage, 1703-1722." Diss. U of Washington, 2017. Graduate, Dissertations 18th Century, Drama, Japanese, Theater History
Sarah Marsh. "Never Mere Observation: Performance, Technology, and the Act of Looking." Diss. U of Washington, 2017. Graduate, Dissertations Drama, Science and Technology, Theater History
Zimmerman, Shadow D. (2016). The Anima in Theatre: Animating a Jungian Concept for Devisers, Directors, and Actors. UC Santa Cruz: Theater Arts. http://escholarship.org/uc/item/17r577jp. Graduate, Masters Theses 20th Century, Acting Pedagogy, Ancient, Dramaturgy, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Masks, Theater History, Theory/Criticism, Tragedy
“Resolution through Radio: Juvenile Delinquency, Buffalo, and the Federal Theatre Project." MA in Theatre Studies Thesis. Florida State University. 2016. Graduate, Masters Theses 20th Century, American, Historiography, Social Change, Theater History
Elizabeth Coen. "Staging Theater to Realize a Nation: The Development of German National Theater in the 18th Century." Diss. U of Washington, 2016. Graduate, Dissertations Theater History, 18th Century, Drama, German
no.place.   by andre g brown Creative Work, Graduate, Masters Theses African American, Devised Work, Directing, Performance Studies, Social Change, Social Justice
Dramaturgy. Death and the Maiden. Latinos Unidos. Seattle, WA. September 2014. Creative Work, Productions, Graduate Dramaturgy
"University of Washington Students' Work Related to Women of Sand." SW/TX Popular/American Culture. Albuquerque, NM. Conferences, Graduate Critical Theory
“The Reclamation of Angst and Self in These Streets: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story.” University of British Columbia Graduate Symposium. Vancouver, B.C. Conferences, Graduate Critical Theory
“The Women of Grunge (Re)membered.” Mid America Theatre Conference Annual Meeting. Cleveland, OH. Conferences, Graduate Critical Theory