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Translation, “Siirde Düsüncenin Rolü – Siir, Dil ve Düsünce” (“Role of Thought in Poetry, Poetry, Language and Thought”) in The Modern Tradition: Backgrounds of Modern Literature. (2003) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
Translation, “Sembolizm” from “The Introduction/Symbolism” in Richard Ellman & Fiedelson, Charles, Jr, Eds. The Modern Tradition: Backgrounds of Modern Literature. (2003) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
Gençler Için Nazim Hikmet Oyunlari, Book Review. (2003) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
"La Llorona: Helpful Spirit for Children," SW Women Studies Conference. (2003) Critical Theory
Dissertations Chaired at UCSB (Completed/published) Adviser: Catherine Cole Performance Studies
Dissertations Chaired at UC Berkeley (Completed/published) Adviser: Catherine Cole Performance Studies
Satirical Activism: Citizenship and satire in 21st century performance (Completed/published) Jacob Hutchison
Adviser: Odai Johnson
21st Century, Activist Theater, Drama, Performance Studies


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""  a play about one man's search to find home  (2015) André G. Brown African American, Devised Work, Directing, Performance Studies, Social Change, Social Justice

In progress

Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Matthew Straus, "Beggars begging. Thieves thieving. Whores whoring." Friedrich Schiller and Bertolt Brecht's Epic Theater (In progress) Matt Straus
Adviser: Odai Johnson
Guillaume Tourniaire, Show Boat's "Make Believe": Subversion of Stereotype and Sympathy as Liberalism (In progress) Guillaume Tourniaire
Adviser: Odai Johnson
20th Century, Dramaturgy, Musical Theater, Race and Ethnicity, Theater History
Alice Hofgren, "Performing Democracy: Comedy and Forensic Oratory as Enactments of Athenian Dramatic Process" (In progress) Alice Hofgren
Adviser: Odai Johnson
Ancient, Classics, Comedy
Carlos Salazar, The Memory of the Islands: Cultural Negotiations and their Remains in (Post)Colonial Costa Rica (In progress) Carlos Salazar
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
Latin American, Postcolonial
Shelby Lunderman: Cruel and Unusual Performance: (Re)producing Capital Punishment on the U.S. Stage (In progress) Shelby Lunderman
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
American, Critical Theory, Social Justice, Theater History
Robert Wighs: Alaska Native Theatre: Cultural Resurgence and Reception in Post-Statehood Alaska (In progress) Robert Wighs
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
Monica Cortes Viharo: Trauma Drama:  The Translocal Legibility of Trauma and Utopia in Contemporary Feminist Performance (In progress) Monica Cortes Viharo
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
21st Century, Performance Studies
Jason Eckard - Tenth and Eleventh Century Liturgical Drama and the Rise of the Latin Christian Church (In progress) Jason Eckard
Adviser: Scott Magelssen
Critical Theory, French, History, Medieval, Spanish, Theater History
Scott Venters - The (Im)mediate Animal: An Anti-theatrical History of Interspecies Entanglements in  Enlightenment Transactions, 1640-1800 (In progress) Scott Venters
Adviser: Odai Johnson
17th Century, 18th Century, English, French
Ubu's Moment: Lost Histories of a Fin-de-Siecle Avant Garde Theatre (In progress) Sebastian "Zip" Trainor
Adviser: Odai Johnson
Drama, Theater History, Theory/Criticism, 19th Century


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Dramaturgy. Death and the Maiden. Latinos Unidos. (2014) Dramaturgy