Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The Hibernicon and Visions of Returning Home: Popular Entertainment in Irish America from the Civil War to World War I (2012) Michelle Granshaw
Adviser: Barry Witham
Drama, 19th Century, 20th Century, American
"The Commerce of Textual Sex: How Ken Davenport Made My First Time,"  ASTR. (2011) Elizabeth Coen Critical Theory
Producing Absence: Theatrical Representations of Domestic Space (2011) Jeanmarie Higgins
Adviser: Sarah Bryant-Bertail
Drama, Theater History, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Theory/Criticism
Ecofeminist Dramaturgy and the Shakespeare of Today (2011) Adviser: Sarah Bryant-Bertail Drama, Ecocriticism, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Dramaturgy, Shakespeare
Theatre Review, “Grotowski Tiyatrosu ve Düsündükleri; Grotowski Bulusmasi.” (2010) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
Dramaturgy. Perla. Teatro Visíon. (2010) Dramaturgy
"Latino Theatre for Young Audiences." presented: "Marketing to a New Audience: Seattle Children's Theatre and Tomás and the Library Lady.” ATHE. (2010) Critical Theory
"Latino Theatre for Young Audiences," ATHE. (2010) Critical Theory
"The Theoretical Work of Jose Cruz Gonzalez," ATHE. (2010) Critical Theory
"Mourning in Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl," Comparative Drama. (2010) Critical Theory
Staging Spain, Staging America: Representations ofSpain in U.S. Hispanic and Anglo Theatre, 1931- 1939 (2010) Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
Adviser: Barry Witham
Drama, Theater History, Hispanic Studies, American, Spanish, 20th Century
The rise and fall of the passions of Elizabeth Barry, reading Restoration figures of the first modern actress in the civic legacy of Sir William D'Avenant (2010) Adviser: Odai Johnson Drama, Theater History, 17th Century, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Acting
"Girls Who Do Boys: Teatro Luna’s MACHOS.” SW/TX Popular/American Culture. (2009) Critical Theory
Theatre Review, “Hotel Pro Forma.” (2008) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
Book Review of Performance Practice and Process. (2008) Critical Theory
Book Review of The Performance Studies Reader. (2008) Critical Theory
"Brown University Production of The Hungry Woman (A Mexican Medea): An Alert of Things to Come." Play Review. (2008) Critical Theory
Dramaturgy. Electricidad. Teatro Nuevo Mexico/Tricklock International Revolutions Festival. (2008) Dramaturgy
Article Writing Seminar for the Latino Theatre Focus Group, ATHE. (2008) Critical Theory
Martyrdom as a performance tradition (2008) Adviser: Odai Johnson Drama, Religion, Performance Studies
Theatre Review, “Birinci ÇGSG Sahne Sanatlari Bulusmasinin Ardindan...” (2007) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
Book translation, Sehirler by Yapi Kredi Kültür Yayincilik (2007) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
“Finding the Border in the 2005 Mark Taper Forum Production of Alfaro’s Electricidad," Comparative Drama. (2007) Critical Theory
"Teatro Visión’s 2006 Production of Alfaro’s Electricidad: Reclaiming the Mexican Heritage Plaza," ATHE. (2007) Critical Theory
“Weeping Women of Electricidad," Comparative Drama. (2007) Critical Theory