We've moved! The School of Drama operations are relocating to Condon Hall until Summer 2024, while Hutchinson Hall undergoes seismic upgrades. See additional information.

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New Graduate Student Information

Welcome to the UW School of Drama!

Below is some general information to help you get started. Please email your Graduate Program Advisor, Megan Gurdine Thornberry at mgurdine@uw.edu, if you have questions.

Getting Started

Before you get to Seattle:

  • Pay your $250 enrollment confirmation deposit.
    Log in to your application to the Graduate School and go to status to complete the steps for matriculation. The enrollment deposit money is put into your UW student account and will be applied towards your tuition and fees for Autumn Quarter.
  • Send official transcripts to the Graduate School.
    Log in to your application to the Graduate School and go to status to see the Graduate School mailing address. You can also view if the Graduate School has received your official transcript or not. Review Official Transcript Requirements for more information. If you have questions about submitting your official transcripts, please reach out to the Graduate School directly at uwgrad@uw.edu.
  • Complete your immunization requirement (Measles, Mumps, Meningitis)DO NOT EMAIL PROOF OF IMMUNIZATION TO DRAMA STAFF OR FACULTY. Please submit all documentation as instructed through the student portal access provided in the link above.
  • Review the academic calendar for important dates
    Dates of instruction, registration deadlines, etc.
  • Set up your UW NetID

After Setting Up Your UW NetID:

  • View the University 501 (U501) orientation online
    U501 is a self-guided, online resource designed for graduate and professional students at all three campuses and is intended to help prepare you for your arrival and the start of your program at the University of Washington.
  • Login to MyUW
    Access your UW email, access student account information, view the academic calendar, course catalogue, update your address and contact information.
  • Update your Drama web profile.
    You now have a profile on the School's web site which you can log into (use the login link on the upper right hand corner with your UW NetID, find your profile and select "Edit" at the top of your profile). Please feel free to add a biography, previous education, and a web site (if you have one) and any other information you wish to include.
  • Send a profile picture to the Graduate Program Advisor
    You can edit anything on your Drama profile except your profile picture. You can send a new profile picture any time you'd like to change it.
  • International students - check info on the International Student Services web site for new students for orientations and other check in instructions.

When you arrive in Seattle:

  • Login to MyUW and update your local address, if applicable.
  • Schedule a New Student Welcome Meeting with your Graduate Advisor.
    This meeting is a chance to over any last admissions items required for you to become a matriculated student, talk about registration, orientations, and I-9 documents required for payroll. This will also be an opportunity to get acquainted and for your GPA to answer any questions you have about getting started in the program.
  • Obtain a Husky card
    Visit Husky Card Services to obtain a Husky Card. Your Husky Card grants you access to UW Libraries, U-PASS, and access to Condon Hall. Building access will become active around the beginning of the quarter.
  • Review information on the Transportation Services website
    Learn more about U-PASS, purchase a parking pass if you are driving to campus, register your bike if you are biking to campus, explore carpool and other transportation alternatives.
  • Check out keys and lockers (as needed).
    AFTER OBTAINING YOUR HUSKY CARD and Condon Hall access, key and locker check out is available at the front desk in Condon Hall 312 during normal business hours (8:30-12pm and 1-5pm). You will also receive a key to your office in Condon Hall. PATP actors can check out lockers in Hutchinson Hall - bring in your own padlock and you can get a locker assignment from the front desk when you give us your lock's combination or a spare key.
  • Check your mailbox in Condon Hall
    Each graduate student has a designated mailbox on the third floor of Condon Hall to the left of the main office (CDH 312).
  • Set up your laptop to print to Condon Hall.
    Email uwdrama@uw.edu for further information.

Required Online Trainings

You must complete the following trainings as both a student and an ASE (academic student employee). If you have questions, please email your Graduate Program Advisor.

  • COVID Safety Training
    All students must complete COVID Safety Training offered by UW EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) if they are a new student or returning to campus after remote learning due to COVID.
  • (Husky Prevention and Response) Title IX 
    Asynchronous training. If you have an ASE assignment or fellowship, you must take BOTH the student course and the employee course.
  • Violence Prevention and Response Training
    Synchronous training arranged through SafeCampus. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.
  • Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
    21-minute video training required for UW employees (including ASEs). Developed by the Office for Youth Programs Development and Support.
  • Asbestos Awareness
    15-minute training developed by EHS (Environment Health and Safety).

Health and Safety Resources

Health Services and Graduate Student Insurance

  • UW Hall Health 
    Provides health services for which you are eligible as UW students - view the Hall Health website for further information.
  • GAIP (Graduate Appointee Insurance Program)
    In an ASE quarter or a quarter where you have a fellowship level that includes insurance, your insurance provider is GAIP.

Safety Resources

Financial Resources

  • Student Fiscal Services (SFS)
    Contact SFS if you have questions about your student account, tuition and other tuition payment options.
  • Office of Fellowships and Awards
    In addition to your Graduate Program Advisor, the Graduate School Office of Fellowships and Awards can answer questions about your fellowship and other awards you may have received through the Graduate School. This office also posts excellent resources for alternative sources of funding.

Technology Resources

WA State Residency

  • Read about residency requirements
    Establishing residency will help with tuition costs in quarters where your funding is limited and/or you are responsible for paying tuition. Start establishing ties in Washington state AS SOON AS YOU GET HERE. You can apply for residency after you have lived here twelve consecutive months. Note: You must apply for residency. Residency is not automatically granted after you are in the state for 12 months. It can be difficult to qualify for residency status. There are no guarantees you'll be reclassified as a WA resident. If you have any questions, you are encouraged to reach out to the Residency Office directly.